1. amoricaorbust's Avatar
    Is anyone using this widget? On my phone, I currently have 10 conversations. When flipping through the rolodex style widget the card always snaps back to the first card (last message received) I can only get through about 4 cards before the snap back. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem.

    So far other than the clock/weather widget, I am fairly unimpressed with the other HTC widgets. I wish friendstream had push updates, but wouldn't even mind it so much if it actually updated on schedule. I can't tell what the schedule Friendstream and the News widget updates at, but it's not what they are set to.
    06-10-2010 10:20 PM
  2. Kedar's Avatar
    I don't like many HTC Widgets either... I wish I could see what regular Android offers.
    I don't think I use any HTC Widgets... they take up the whole screen.

    Just use Handcent MMS for messaging. It's better and customizable.
    - You can actually set popups so when messages come, you can deal with it right there and reply right on the spot, without having to go into the application.
    - In the app, you can customize the bubbles and the way the conversation goes.... you can change the background among other things.

    I don't even use the clock/weather widget =/
    I don't use friendstream either... Facebook widget isn't that great either, but I just go in the application if I ever wanted to see FB statuses.
    06-10-2010 10:31 PM