1. sYnOnYx's Avatar
    I used a couple of different Android devices today, and I must say HTC's sense just rocks. Anyone else used other Android devices and agree ?
    06-11-2010 04:09 AM
  2. brontron's Avatar
    i actually like the minimalistic look of stock android. i have a senseless rom running on my Evo. Looks a bit too clunky for me and i personally dont have any use for the widgets (as im not the biggest fan of widgets either...
    06-11-2010 05:53 AM
  3. dannydos's Avatar
    has anybody figured out how to keep sense and use the android 3d app viewer?
    06-11-2010 06:29 AM
  4. acstewart82's Avatar
    Evo is my first Android phone but I have had the opportunity to play around with the Motorola Droid and I must say that I like both almost equally. The sense edges out the stock OS just a little as it is a little more visually striking to me.
    06-11-2010 06:37 AM
  5. MDteX's Avatar
    I'll agree. I love SenseUI so far.
    06-11-2010 06:53 AM
  6. thekarens's Avatar
    I also love Sense, stock to me looks ugly.
    06-11-2010 06:58 AM
  7. Dukins's Avatar
    Only Reason I bought EVO was because it added sense. Well amongst other things. Makes the phone look BEAUTIFUL lol.
    06-11-2010 07:19 AM
  8. qst4's Avatar
    I like what sense brings internally, but visually I prefer stock android. I can't find a way to allow the sense UI to flip the apps icons and widgets to landscape mode, which is a must especially when using the kickstand. And some of the graphics just seem to big. I just use launcher pro and the pure widgets to get things looking right for me. At least its easy easy to switch between the sense launcher and launcher pro.
    06-11-2010 07:38 AM