1. taalibeen's Avatar
    The day after we picked up our EVOs, we went to Best Buy ans purchased the purple Seido Innocase for hers. It cost $29.99.

    The clerk told me that it was available in black but they sold out tue first day, and that for $34.99 i could get the case with the holster, but that too was sold out.

    After trying three other Best Buys, I finally came across the one with the holster. Strangely, there was no price sticker for the one with the holster. Behind them were some black ones without the holster.

    I asked the lady in the cell phone section how much it cost and she said $29.99! i snatched it up and left a happy camper.

    I think whoever stocked it a st this store didn't realize that some had a holster & some didn't, and therefore marked them all at threw same price.
    06-13-2010 01:02 PM