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    Hi guys,

    took advantage of the 30 day guarantee, and got the iphone. and want to evaluate it before iphone 4 is out... generally I love it.. i love the widget / live wall paper / facebook sync and the screen.. i love the openness of theh market

    however, a few remaining issues that are potentially show stopper for me (that make me switch back to iphone 4)

    i cannot get my chinese songs to display chinese name properly in music player... those songs are displayed fine in iphone.. and they are displayed fine in astro file manager.. but the music player CANNOT read it.. any help? any other player? plug in? language pack?

    one of the song actually displayed fine.. so it MAY be an encoding issue (aren't they all related to encoding anyways) but bottomline is .. iphone is displaying them fine.. and i am not going to spend the time to convert all my songs (unless someone point me to an automatic program that does it all)

    also.. iphone out of the box suppoert writing chinese character.. i am nott talking about pinyin and other IME method.. i am talking aboout hand writing (which is the only IME i know.. i never learn ping yin and other chinese input method) is there any hand written chinese IME program for android??

    please help... before i switch back to iphone 4 :|

    06-14-2010 01:39 AM
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    06-14-2010 12:05 PM
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    I think when it comes to lang you have to set it manually i am trying the same thing with txt but in russian, also with Android you have to add things to it, yo ucan set your local lang pref but then i think it just turns your entire phone in to that lang. It be nice if Android would support this right out of the box, but I think do to the fact we dont have 32-64 gig flash drive built in Android opted out of this, maybe if they have flash drives then you have more room to install things right out of the box, also maybe this is a CDMA phone they dont support it, but it is strange that if you can see it in one place you should see it in other apps, thats strange. I would email HTC and ask them about it.
    06-14-2010 12:39 PM
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    Look here great site to look for apps of any kind.

    Top of Android apps & games viewed on AndroLib Web site

    Go to market get your self a bar code and install it

    Barcode Scanner v3.31 Application for Android | Shopping

    Link above is for barcode scanner.
    06-14-2010 12:44 PM