1. Gary Friderichsohn's Avatar
    My EVO 4G has really been relatively fault free for the last 22 months. However, three days ago I was searching for a phone number and it made a noise like static on a radio and froze. Phone would not respond to swipes. Screen went black. Only way I could get it to function was to reinstall battery. I did not want to do a hard reset.
    Yesterday I was going down road in car, phone in dock and streaming TuneIn to car stereo through aux. There was a buzz and audio started to quickly repeat at a length of about "one-Mississippi". Eventually all sound stopped and screen went black. When I was able to stop, I removed phone from dock and once again had to reinstall battery. Now, this is the really weird part: I removed and reinstalled the battery very quickly (about a second). When I tried to operate phone it was still frozen with a black screen. I swear to you the battery had been completely removed from phone. I took the battery out a second time and this time held it for three or four seconds before I reinstalled it. I then rebooted and phone was fine.
    The only other problem I have had it is that the phone sometimes does not charge when plugged into AC. It was doing that intermittently before this "bzzt" thing. You check it and it is charging, check it in five or ten minutes it is not charging, check it again and it is...
    Overall I have been very happy with this HTC EVO 4G smartphone. I have two months before contract is up, but I was going to keep it until LTE is up and running here in Eastern Washington State. That could possibly be a year, or even more, and I do not want to be w/o 4G.
    So what say you? Am I going to need a new phone? Can I get one now and still get an LTE phone later? All Sprint contractual related dilemmas. I haven't been into Sprint. Most repair facilities can't help you if they can't immediately replicate the malfunction. Will they let me trade in a faulty unit for the $50-65 credit, or whatever it is now?
    Thank you for reading this long post.
    06-25-2012 01:16 PM
  2. tube517's Avatar
    Is your phone overheating? I've had a similar issue before but it was really hot outside. It was really hot in the car.

    As far as the charging part, you may have a bad usb port or bad charger. Both have been recurring issues w/the EVO. Do you have another charger to test? Extra battery to test?
    06-25-2012 02:13 PM
  3. Gary Friderichsohn's Avatar
    Not overheating. While it was in the car it was clamped right in front of the air conditioning vent. I have four 3200 mAh batteries. One is better than the others, but only insomuch as it seems to drain slower and charge faster. I honestly don't know if it was the same battery in there. good idea, I will watch that. It was on two separate charging systems at time, desk and car.
    I see guys take their phones into the dry saunas at the club. I never felt the need.
    06-25-2012 08:05 PM