11-06-2016 05:36 AM
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  1. xXMorepheusXx's Avatar
    I HAD the same problem until a few minutes ago.

    Kyocera Hydro on Virgin Mobile network...

    1. FORCE STOP google play services
    2. CLEAR google play services cache
    3. Uninstall ALL updates to google play services
    4. RESTART phone
    5. Input password to your google account
    6. Update google play services

    my problem was solved...

    GOOD LUCK and I hope it works for you
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    01-09-2016 02:58 PM
  2. alli1's Avatar
    Try to clear the cache in the application manager.. its works for me.. but make sure not to clear urban app data.. clear the app cache... for different mobiles there are different ways to clear ur app cache.. try to find it by using Google. Hope this will help u
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    04-30-2016 12:49 AM
  3. Ratnaghoshal's Avatar
    Google sign is error
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    11-06-2016 05:36 AM
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