1. timtim#AC's Avatar
    and it was this guy. I said I would like to upgrade to an EVO! The Associate says, did you rub a lamp today? I said no, guess I'm out of luck. Associate says no, I have one and exactly one all others that came in are on hold. Nice I said and I walked out with one brand new EVO!

    From Blackberry to Android to the best device out there right now. What a great day! Sorry for taking up space here but I couldn't help it.
    06-22-2010 05:25 AM
  2. avacomputers's Avatar
    Congratulations. I hope you enjoy.
    06-22-2010 06:23 AM
  3. MRBULLRED's Avatar
    06-22-2010 06:33 AM
  4. scott_0's Avatar
    nice! you will love it Im sure
    06-22-2010 08:15 AM
  5. MrDSL's Avatar
    Welcome to the club

    Sent from my EVO via Tapatalk
    06-22-2010 08:33 AM
  6. spartan213's Avatar
    Congrats!! I actually had a very similar experience last week at a best buy in my area. Walked in after someone telling me they could take preorders again so I could stop calling every location and they had one sitting on the desk.
    06-22-2010 08:43 AM
  7. Dukins's Avatar
    Woot. Similar situation here as well. Wife and I grabbed two while vacationing in Florida. The pre-orders were not very happy with us. LOL
    06-22-2010 08:50 AM
  8. Cubfan's Avatar
    I called a local Radio Shack, and though they had a long order list, they somehow had one "not spoken for" which I grabbed immediately. My local Best Buy has over 100 on the waiting list.
    06-22-2010 03:14 PM
  9. pwnst_r's Avatar
    06-22-2010 03:16 PM
  10. eye4ni's Avatar
    I was calling around to every Radio Shack I could find, as all of the Best Buy stores were sold out with no idea when there would be new stock. I had called about 8 different radio shacks and the very last one that I was going to call surprisingly told me that they had 3 of them in stock, come get one! Thankfully, the guy held one for me behind the counter because I couldn't get there until after work. About 7:30 pm I walk in and everyone in the store turns and looks at me.

    After introducing myself to the associate behind the counter, two of the other customers (man and wife) looked at me in disgust. There was laughter and then I realized that the couple were waiting on ME, because if I didn't show up, they were getting my Evo. Apparently the sales associates had bets going as to whether or not I would show up, and that they had dozens of phone calls that day about the Evo after my call....

    I really lucked out I guess...
    06-22-2010 03:48 PM
  11. Cubfan's Avatar
    That Radio Shack story is just like mine, complete with the disappointed customers when I walked in.
    06-22-2010 04:07 PM
  12. Edge767's Avatar
    Congrats!!! I am about to order one for my son and we expect to wait for at least two-three weeks. He wants a white one (I have NO idea why... lol).
    06-22-2010 04:13 PM
  13. Mustachio's Avatar
    One question: what took you so long to get an EVO? It's been almost 3 weeks! I pre-ordered mine from BB on the first day they were taking pre-orders, way back in May.
    06-22-2010 05:54 PM
  14. Kedar's Avatar
    I had a similar experience at Sam's. I thought I wouldn't get the phone becausE Best Buy and Sprint turned me down. Some Evo guy stopped me and you know how it goes from there.
    06-22-2010 05:58 PM
  15. MNofsinger's Avatar
    Congratulations! I have had mine since launch and love it.
    06-22-2010 06:24 PM
  16. hockey4life0099's Avatar
    your lucky, ive been on a waitlist at my local sprint store for the last 2 weeks.
    06-22-2010 06:53 PM
  17. wrecklass's Avatar
    Stores were all sold out the day of release, so I ordered online from Sprint and had it first thing monday morning the weekend of release. Two days later Sprint was supposed to be sold out. I went ahead and ordered online for my wife and it was here the next morning. Spent the next two weeks sharing al of the tricks we each have learned.

    Guess we were lucky.
    06-22-2010 08:11 PM
  18. acstewart82's Avatar
    I had a similar situation myself. Went to RS to pay for one and have it mailed to my house since they were all spoken for but when I got there the mgr had one set aside waiting for me. Apparently one of the people who had it reserved had their credit fall through. I felt sorry for that person of course but I must best day ever for me. Launch day Evo in hand and loving it.
    06-22-2010 08:31 PM
  19. cubdroid's Avatar
    I called every BB in my area June 3rd and they all told me to not bother coming in on the 4th if I had not preorderd. My local RS store said that there were 8 saved for walk ins on the forth and that they were opening at 6 a.m. for the launch. I woke up a little too late and got there around 5:45 expecting a line and to be late for work. When I pulled into the parking lot it was empty. 6 am came I walked right in by myself bought my phone and left within a half an hour. I was the only one there. I passed a Sprint store on my way to work less than 5 minutes later and there was a line around the store.I don't get it.
    06-22-2010 08:52 PM
  20. timtim#AC's Avatar
    One question: what took you so long to get an EVO? It's been almost 3 weeks! I pre-ordered mine from BB on the first day they were taking pre-orders, way back in May.
    My upgrade wasn't available til June 20th.

    Quick question guys and gals....

    In apps management do we need to let the following consistantly run,

    mailservice, obexservice, connectivityservice, gtalkservice, cm_service, htcdmservice, updateservice, agentservice, dmserviceapp, touch input

    or which ones do you guys choose to turn off? Thanks, I asked this under task management but has gone unawnsered.
    06-22-2010 09:15 PM
  21. hockey4life0099's Avatar
    i just canceled my waitlist order that i have at the sprint store for the last two weeks. Best buy all of the sudden had it in stock on their website and i ordered it. hopefully ill have it on friday.
    06-22-2010 09:21 PM