1. tuna83's Avatar
    I'm going to purchase a 16gb Micro SD. 32 is too expensive to justify IMO.

    My question is this... With 2.2 on the way where we can have applications on the SD card, should we be concerned with the speed rating (class) of the Micro SD? We all know the EVO comes with a class two speed rating... (The lowest I think).

    This link ( Secure Digital - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) will explain each class' speed.

    BTW, where is the best price for one of these bad boys?
    06-22-2010 04:14 PM
  2. deaofly's Avatar
    I just got a class 2 san disk 16gb from radio shack for$50. The sale ended on June19th, but u can search online like newegg.com and amazon.com I hear u can get better prices then $50, but considering I just walked in the store, asked get the card, paid for it and was home with it in hand in 5 mins. For me i decided instead of waiting for the mail I would pay for the sale price at radio shack and have it right way.
    06-22-2010 05:10 PM
  3. trooper54's Avatar
    06-22-2010 05:14 PM
  4. wrecklass's Avatar
    I see them from $24 to $40 on Amazon.com. As to speed we will have to see how the load from SD is implemented. I suspect the other speed improvements will make the speed of the card fairly irrelevant.
    06-22-2010 05:18 PM
  5. bennish's Avatar
    i got a class 4. i think i read somewhere that should be sufficient. i'd say just avoid a 2. Also, maybe be selective about what apps you install to the card.
    06-22-2010 06:35 PM
  6. cubdroid's Avatar
    Frys has a 16gb Poloroid card for 17.99 after rebate . Just ordered mine yesterday.
    06-22-2010 07:56 PM
  7. sveilien's Avatar
    I paid $57 (free shipping) for a 16GB class 6 just to be on the safe side
    06-22-2010 08:01 PM