1. clavodulce16's Avatar
    FOr video chat so far I have seen QIK & Fring.
    I have done video chat over fring but not yet QIK. Fring is also in the iphone market.
    06-23-2010 07:46 PM
  2. gbm85's Avatar
    Assuming that Apple lets Fring access the front cam. Good luck with that.
    06-23-2010 08:03 PM
  3. clavodulce16's Avatar
    yeaahh i wasnt able to see my friend on the other side. so as of now Apple is not allowing third party apps to acess the front cam, which sucks
    06-23-2010 08:06 PM
  4. Whiteboyx69's Avatar
    What did you expect from apple.....
    06-23-2010 08:59 PM
  5. bigblue4ever's Avatar
    Apple has stated they are using an open standard for facetime So as long as a developer uses one of the 7 or whatever standards it supports I don't see why Fring or qik would have any issues supporting a call from an EVO to an iPhone 4 . What would make you think they wouldn't do so?
    06-23-2010 09:27 PM
  6. OrderedtheEvo's Avatar
    I can't wait till they make it or work with fring and they have to be on wifi lol.
    06-23-2010 09:29 PM
  7. eyecon82's Avatar
    What did you expect from apple.....
    exactly! at least the Evo didn't do this
    06-24-2010 09:27 AM
  8. imtravis's Avatar
    Or maybe Fring could make a tie-in to facetime and let us use Fring to facetime..
    06-24-2010 10:53 AM
  9. DougB541#CB's Avatar
    Yeah hopefully someone makes a facetime chat for Android...the more interoperable optiosn the better.

    Better yet, lets hope the next update after Froyo adds native video chat support under either Skype, Facetime or something that will be widely used.
    06-24-2010 11:08 AM
  10. 2CupsWithString's Avatar
    I'd like to see an app for "blow up iphone" or "crash iphone" or "install android on iphone" through the guise of a cross platform video chat client... sorry.
    06-24-2010 11:35 AM