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    So..............the 2nd day I had my EVO I wanted free wifi tether for my trip to Santa Cruz, so like everyone in the AC forums I rooted my EVO with the unrEVOked app. It was very simple and it got me the free wifi tether like I wanted. I had a great weekend in Santa Cruz on my Macbook tethered from my EVO. Anyways a week later parts of my screen was unresponsive to any touch so I contacted Sprint about the issue. They tried pushing me updates but that didn't do the trick, so they told me to take it back to where I purchased it to get a replacement. Now I needed to unRoot before I took it back so Sprint wouldn't know I rooted it.

    I then searched and searched for how to unroot on a MAC. I found nothing so this is what I finally ended up doing. I already had Parallels installed on my MAC and I also already had Windows 7 on my Parallels virtual desktop. So all I did was downloaded HTC Sync and the Ruu stock EVO rom. I then installed the HTC Sync.exe onto my virtual Parallels desktop and after I plugged in my EVO it recognized and installed the proper drivers on my virtual desktop. Last thing I did was ran the Ruu stock rom exe and it was just a few steps to unroot and bring my EVO back to day 1 again. Note that it completely erased everything so before hand I Installed Rerware's MYBACKup Pro app for 4.99 and backed up everything except for my calendar and contacts cause I got gmail handling that for me.

    So after it was done doing it's thing (about 10 minutes) it then reboots into the first setup screen and thats it, ur done. Now I just went back into the Android Market, went into the downloads tab and re-installed MYBACKup Pro, ran it and got everything restored back and without my phone rooted. So in the end I took back my EVO to my Sprint store and lucky for me they had 2 in stock and swapped me out with a new one in about 15 minutes.

    It is kinda a long process but well worth it, trust me, on a MAC theres really no choice(that i know of). Soon I will be posting up step by step instructions along with a video too. Below are the links to all the downloads you need if you already have Parallels installed on ur MAC. If you don't have Parallels then feel free to PM me and I can still help you.

    RUU EVO stock Rom
    MYBACKUP app
    06-26-2010 12:09 AM
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    With unrEVOked, I believe all you would have had to do is reboot your phone to unroot.
    06-26-2010 06:41 AM
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    How do you unroot with unrevoked 3 on a mac I need help
    08-06-2010 01:09 PM