1. gregg37's Avatar
    I filmed something in "portrait" mode, but when I play it back, it's sideways. I used Windows Live Movie Maker to rotate the video, but now it got converted to a .wmv file and the sound is gone.

    Anyone know any easy way to get this video rotated AND keep the sound???

    Lesson learned... film videos in Landscape only!
    06-26-2010 04:18 PM
  2. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Video is a horizontal medium. Have you ever seen a portrait format TV, or movie, or camcorder? If you want to watch your video on anything other than the phone, you'll need to shoot it horizontally.

    Sorry, I can't help with the sound problem.
    06-26-2010 09:39 PM
  3. gregg37's Avatar
    Fireworks are a vertical medium. And that's what I was filming. And every other phone I have ever owned, not to mention 2 D-SLR's flip the video for you...including the Nexus One. stupid stupid Sense! :-P
    06-26-2010 10:39 PM