1. jakeslife#AC's Avatar
    I sold my Nexus One running FroYo and went with an Evo today. So far I love it! I have a minor annoyance with setting the default messaging app though. I've cleared the defaults from Messaging and Handcent, and when I launch either of them directly they're fine, but they don't ask for default.

    I also use SMS Unread Widget, which always worked great on my Nexus. But it also doesn't ask for the default app, it just launches the stock HTC messaging app.

    I've hard reset, downloaded Handcent, then the widget, and same thing. It has the same issue with chompSMS. I've also scoured the forums trying to find this specific issue but couldn't.

    I've created shortcuts with AnyCut, but they always look so weird (too small, too big, title off to the side). Same issue with the Handcent and chompSMS launcher widgets.

    Any suggestions?
    06-27-2010 01:13 AM