1. NextREVOlution's Avatar
    I have a possessed EVO. Symptoms: over the past week, the screen thinks more and more often that somebody is poking it on the top-left corner constantly or intermittently. Multitouch Visualizer confirms the problem and was instrumental in getting the Sprint / Radio shack guys to believe me. It really makes typing or any phone operation difficult since the screen wants to pick things from the top of lists (like contacts) or press the voice transcription button in landscape typing mode.

    Checklist of things tried:
    Not screwed up sensitivity
    Factory reset attempted
    All software updates applied
    Performing Calibration doesn't help
    Rsetting calibration doesn't help
    Power cycle (hard/soft) doesnt help.
    Sot bottom-left corner of the glass issue that may or may not be related.
    No light leakage that I can tell.
    Looks like the Sprint techs tried tightening screws

    Anybody else having this issue with their EVO? At this point, I'm in line for a replacement but no word on how long it will take.

    07-02-2010 12:34 PM
  2. fraz's Avatar
    Definitely a faulty device. Just hope you get your replacement sooner than later.
    07-02-2010 01:05 PM
  3. error4o4's Avatar

    I have this after the OTA update.

    It has RUINED my phone.

    I posted about it on the ppcgeeks forums, but noone seemed to notice or have it.

    Sprint can never seem to reproduce it, luckily my local shack has one in stock today to replace it.

    It is beyond frustrating.

    I'd rather have it be bricked then this at times.
    07-02-2010 02:36 PM