07-13-2010 02:24 PM
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  1. Phil Nickinson's Avatar
    It's Android contest time, boys and girls, and the folks at Seidio are offering up a whopping 10 cases for the Evo 4G. We're giving away five from the Innocase Active line and five from the Innocase Rugged line.

    To win, all you have to do is post in this thread about a horror story or near miss in which a case could have saved your Evo. Contest will run through 5 p.m. EDT Sunday, at which time we'll pick the winners.

    Oh, and if you do win, we want to see your phone clad in the case, so get ready to snap a pic or two and post back here.

    Good luck!
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    07-09-2010 11:01 AM
  2. wormdood's Avatar
    My driveway is on a steep incline. The other day, while helping my 2 year old out of the car, my naked EVO slipped from my hands. Luckily, I was able to barely save it with a heroic catch. I have a Palm Pre at home that I was not so lucky with. It fell and scattered its way 10 feet down the driveway. Too bad didn't have a Seidio case for it. Concrete + smartphone = not pretty.
    07-09-2010 11:17 AM
  3. s15274n's Avatar
    I JUST got my EVO yesterday (Best Buy was kind enough to sell me a white one early thanks to my pleading). I was amazed by the phone and the screen. This is the best phone I have ever owned and my first sense UI android (amazed by it).

    Well, not more than 3 hours after my new treasure and countless colleagues drooling over it I go to the bathroom at work.... I wanted to play with the phone myself and as I whip it out (the phone) it catches my pocket and falls to the hard tile floor. My heart stopped... the white case popped off but the phone held up perfectly.

    This made it very obvious to me (day 1) that I need a case. I know SEIDIO is absolute quality so I hope that I am able to wear their case proudly on my new Evo!

    Thank you!! (AC and Seidio)
    07-09-2010 11:17 AM
  4. rbgrules's Avatar
    While I was visiting my parents I had my phone out to check my e-mail. It was very quiet and then suddenly a fire engine wizzed by turning on their siren. It caused me to jump and throw my phone up in the air. My heart stopped when it him the ground, but luckily only suffered minor damage. A tiny bit of the side casing chipped exposing some red.
    07-09-2010 11:21 AM
  5. cowboys2000's Avatar
    First, why take the phone out in the bathroom?

    Anyway, it rains daily in in Houston and as I was walking to my car under the "covered" walkway, raindrops are hitting my screen. In my quest to protect my phone, it slips out my hand (I have the Zagg full body protection) and I dropped everything else to save my EVO from falling into a puddle of water.
    07-09-2010 11:22 AM
  6. akodoreign's Avatar
    I already have several nicks around the edges of my phone. Our kitchen table is our living room (mainly cause we just do not have a lot of room) and It often gets knocked off the table by the kids or the cats. (have 3 of each)

    Having the case very well may save my phone
    07-09-2010 11:23 AM
  7. cordodor's Avatar
    Day 1: got my evo activated and put it in my pocket. someone called so i went to pull it out of my jean pocket, but i didn't yet know how to grab a hold of it. It slipped out of my fingers. i tried to stick my foot out to soften the blow of the ground, but instead I kicked it into a door. It left a nice white scuff from the door on my evo. day 1. -sigh-
    07-09-2010 11:23 AM
  8. gdubmedia's Avatar
    I was at an important web design meeting with my designers, and was showing them the business I can get done without my computer on my Evo. We were on the patio, and a woman walked through to a table with her dog. The dog jumped up on me, and it's head pushed into my hands (which would have been fine, had I not been holding my new Evo).

    The phone went flying out of my hands and landed on the table top behind me(thank god it wasn't concrete). I immediately went for my phone, which had a couple scuffs on the back underneath the camera lens (the lens was the fine, as was the screen. Thanks god for Zaggs.)

    I realized, at that moment, this would be the first phone I got a case for.
    07-09-2010 11:24 AM
  9. scrubcst's Avatar
    I work in a surgery center as a scrub tech and central tech, and right beside where i clean the trays there is a rather large hopper. (on a slow day) i put up my EVO on the shelf above it (on its stand) to listen to pandora as i clean the instruments. I then raise my hand knock the evo off of its stand and off the shelf as it spirals down towards the hopper and I, with the reflex of a cat, deflect it from its straight path and have it hit the floor rather than the water. LUCKILY it is a durable phone with some scratches, but a case would make it a holy grail for others to only dream about. hence my need for a SEIDIO case. because bloody water and touchscreens do not go hand in hand.

    07-09-2010 11:24 AM
  10. slvdc1's Avatar
    So on Sunday the 4th I was spending time on the lake. I was standing on the concrete launch taking pictures when a friend brushed by me and bumped my elbow....split second later my Evo was in the air...I dove (well....reached out) for it and *luckily* caught it between my fingers inches from the wet concrete below my feet...PHEW. Actually have been looking all week at different cases and the Seido's are pretty great.
    07-09-2010 11:24 AM
  11. ryan9102's Avatar
    not too long ago but before i had my evo i had a flip phone on a holster on my belt and i was on a boom lift 30' above the ground installing lights on the side of a building i had bumped into the rail my phone came unclipped and fell 30' straight to the ground i don't want anything like this happening to my evo so im more careful now but being in construction that rugged case sure would come in handy
    07-09-2010 11:25 AM
  12. bassmanxu's Avatar
    You would think that since this has happened to me before I might learn, but last night, got back from the bar, hopped out of the taxi cab, decided I HAD to get my phone out of my pocket ASAP (not sure why the sense of urgency), and off it goes like a rocket, plummeting toward the ground. I saw it all pan out before me in blurry (slightly) slow motion - phone hits the ground, body glove case pops off and cracks. The phone only has one scratch (somehow...) but now I am super paranoid about it.....

    Thanks for the entry, AC! I'd love that Seidio case!!! It could handle my phone-crashing ways!!
    07-09-2010 11:25 AM
  13. cruddytoast's Avatar
    I got my phone on launch day, and ever since everyone at my work has been ogling it. At least 3 times per day I get a "can I check out your phone?" and then of course there are a lot of repeat requests. This is only funnier because almost everyone I work with owns an iPhone and they are so impressed. Needless to say my phone is at high risk to a good amount of jealous "accidents" and has already had a few close calls where it seems to magically tumble out of the viewers hand. A case would from Seidio would provide me some much needed assurance when passing my phone around.

    07-09-2010 11:25 AM
  14. NovaFox238's Avatar
    Hah funny this contest is about making a story for this reason:

    The other day I drove to the Sprint Store, to get a replacement Evo. I was early, so Sprint wasnt open yet, so I decided to go to Starbucks, which was right next to it. I went to get my coffee so I set my Evo (naked) on the counter-top in which they serve the drinks. I grabbed my drink, and the bottom of the cup HIT my Evo nearly 1/2 off the counter! I WAS IN SHOCK that it didnt fall! THat was the first close call. The 2nd, I had barely got my replacement Evo, and started playing around with it a lot. Driving with it in my lap, I nearly forgot it was there, and when I got home I was about to step out of the car when I stepped one foot out, I realized it was still ony my lap! It started to slide off my leg but cought it JUST in time. 2 too many close calls in one day if you ask me. D:
    07-09-2010 11:25 AM
  15. keviny47's Avatar
    the first day i got my evo, wow. i wasnt accustomed to having such a big phone, and i spin my phone with one contact point in the middle of the top and bottom. well, i failed miserably, and the phone slipped out of my hands. i instinctively tried to catch it, but i ended up hitting it higher up in the air, and it fell 4 feet to the ground. what a day!
    07-09-2010 11:26 AM
  16. JayKC's Avatar
    I baby my EVO, but the other day I was pulling it out of my pocket and it slipped. It went tumbling down and I thought it was a goner until it missed the concrete and hit the soft grass instead. It was a huge relief, but I realized it needed some protection.

    So I grabbed a cheap HTC silicone case from Sprint for the time being. I was actually going to buy the Seidio case for extra protection based on the great reviews I've read about it.
    07-09-2010 11:27 AM
  17. Nisty713's Avatar
    So I was rushed out the shower by my gtalk notifications going off from the constant chattering of #TeamEvo & #TeamAndroid. I keep my phone on a small table so I can easily poke my head out to see who is video calling or regular calling me.
    When I got out of the shower, dried off, got my things together, picked up the phone, I NEARLY dropped my phone. My hands were still slippery & I was tossing my phone around like it was a hot potato before I gained control. As I sat there staring at my phone, waiting for my heart to stop beating out of my chest, I immediately thought...I need to get a case! What if it fell??!!! My world would have been over, there would have been no reason to live (sarcasism, but still). At least if it fell, it would have been cushioned & no damage would have been done.
    Since that experience, I have learned my lesson & keep my phone in my room on my bed where it's safe & surrounded by pillows. But what about when it's out in the world...omg there's pavement out there & sharp corners!! oooo the horror!!!!!!!!
    07-09-2010 11:29 AM
  18. kpolacek's Avatar
    I was using the uber-convenient kickstand to watch some video... when the table shook and poor little EVO when tumbling down towards the cement ground. He's ok. I caught him in time. But a case would sure help alleviate that sick stomach feeling you get when you see your phone accidentally crash to the ground.

    Please pick me!

    Thank you!
    07-09-2010 11:30 AM
  19. jdefalco's Avatar
    Out in the front yard the other night, myself and 2 neighbors were talking. One neighbor had mentioned he was in the market for a new phone and wanted to know what we recommended. Well the other neighbor proudly whipped out his iPhone and was going on and on about what it could do. Well I let him finish and then I decided to get the beast out of my pocket and show him a real phone. As I was taking it out, it caught on my shorts and fell to the ground. Of course it hit one of the few bare spots in the yard and had no grass to protect it. The iphone guy was laughing his butt off as I cringed when I reached down to pick it up. Luckily it did not fall on the face (zagg shield anyway), but there were some scratches on the sides. A new Sedio is just what the doctor ordered, for next time I may not be so lucky. Oh, and after showing my neighbor the EVO and how it blew iphone away, he was very impressed. As a matter of fact, he just texted me from his new EVO (white) that he picked up.
    07-09-2010 11:30 AM
  20. gksmithlcw's Avatar
    I haven't had any near-misses with my Evo YET, but my Treo 800w was marred the day I got it by leaping out of a windshield mount when I hit a bump in my car.

    The Treo Pro I purchased after that IMMEDIATELY got an Innocase II and accompanying holster and I couldn't be happier with its condition after a year of hard use.

    I hope to get a case on my Evo BEFORE it takes a fall...
    07-09-2010 11:30 AM
  21. lopezzito's Avatar
    I have a 2 week old newborn baby, that being said I use my EVO one-handed most of the time. You would not believe how many times I have had to catch it in mid air. One of these days it's going to slip and crash on the floor. When that horrible day comes I would love my phone to be protected by a Super Seido Case!!! I have not been able to purchase one because all of my extra ca$h goes toward diapers and formula!!! Please help me protect my EVO!!!
    07-09-2010 11:32 AM
  22. reverendrhino's Avatar
    I live on a hill, driveway goes up. I was rushing to get inside the house & forgot I had my phone on my lap. Next thing I know I get out of my car & phone goes sliding down the driveway. Of course it went all the way down to the bottom of the driveway & face down, without slowing down. Lesson learned, get a case.
    07-09-2010 11:32 AM
  23. Holsum's Avatar
    The first week i got my phone i traveled back east to move my girlfriend out to the west coast. On one of our stops, in Nashville, we stayed and my girlfriend's friend's house. Well, that night i was sleeping on the couch and had my phone on the armrest above my head. I must have bumped it in the middle of the night unknowingly and when i woke up in the morning I witnessed the most horrific site of my life. My phone had fallen of the armrest and landed it what must have been the most rank, fresh pile of animal (dog) feces my nostrils had ever smelled. Because i didnt have a case, it got in the screen edges of the phone and even a little in the ear piece and mic. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the long trip listening to complete sh*t, pun intended.

    If i would have had a case that first week, it would have been less of unbearable experience and an easy removable clean up.

    Please save me from another sh*tty disaster!
    07-09-2010 11:32 AM
  24. pedromartinez1983's Avatar
    I Was on the corner waiting for the bus (Im poor) when i saw a hot looking girl walking up . i decided that i needed to impress her so i took my out my Evo to show off. i was grabbing it from my pocket and as it came off the greese ( From my face) from the screen caused it to slip and i dropped it.to make matters worse i was grebbing a few of the pieces of classoff the floor, when the hot girl saw what had happened and came to help. she ended up getting a cut on the finger by the broken glass. although not to bad. the very thing that i was using to impress the girl ended up being the same thing that cut her.. if i had a case this would of never happened

    P.S i didnt get her number ... Pleases S.O.S
    07-09-2010 11:33 AM
  25. nmartin33's Avatar
    It's Android contest time, boys and girls, and the folks at Seidio are offering up a whopping 10 cases for the Evo 4G. We're giving away five from the Innocase Active line and five from the Innocase Rugged line.

    To win, all you have to do is post in this thread about a horror story or near miss in which a case could have saved your Evo. Contest will run through 5 p.m. EDT Sunday, at which time we'll pick the winners.

    Oh, and if you do win, we want to see your phone clad in the case, so get ready to snap a pic or two and post back here.

    Good luck!
    I am a firefighter in Washington, DC. I guess the Evo is so new that since I got it on launch day there haven't been a ton of cases available, and none very protective.

    I carry my phone almost all the time, even while at work. I use it to take pictures of interesting situations/scenarios to train other firefighters. About a week into having it we responded to a pretty significant house fire. Not thinking, I left my Evo in my pants pocket and donned my firefighting gear over it and went to work. The Evo headed into the fire with me...

    I'm on a ladder company, which involves a lot of beating and breaking stuff and searching for victims. Climbing over and around objects, tearing down drywall, falling a little every once in a while, etc... The phone is pretty well protected from heat under my gear, but when I took it out of my pants after the fire it was covered in moisture and had pant lint all over it. I was pretty worried, but thankfully it survived.

    I've been pretty eagerly awaiting the release of something like the rugged case, as the Evo is my only phone... Help me protect it!
    07-09-2010 11:33 AM
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