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    Hello all!

    I have had a recent problem develop with my HTC EVO 4G that is the same one I purchased in July 2010 (never had replaced). Quick info is that the phone is rooted with S-OFF, using SmelkusMOD recovery, am using the FireRats MTD patcher (1.5.8) and has been using the 5.07.651.1 stock / rooted rom from Captin_Throwback over on the XDA forums. Prior to this I had been using the 4.67 Stock rooted rom I also found over on XDA. Lastly, my baseband version is

    Anyway, a few weeks ago (unable to pinpoint exactly when) I started noticing that my phone was having problems acquiring good signal in the town I travel through every day. There is a 3G cell tower less than 3/4 of a mile (line of sight) from mainstreet and I noticed I had been getting 1, 2, or 3 bars when I would stop at the gas station there on main street. Or worse, if I went into a restaurant, store, or any building, my phone would dance around with 1 bar or show no service at all. Even when I come home and use my Airvana, I have varying degree's of reception that have gotten progressively worse recently. My Airvana is in my bedroom on the second floor of the house. Previously, I had a guaranteed 5 bars in this room, or just about anywhere on the second floor with 4 bars or so on the first floor and 3-4 bars in the basement. However now, as I sit here with my phone less than 4' away from the Airvana, I have 1-2 bars, up to 4, then back down to 1, and so forth. No obstructions, no other issues.

    Prior to noticing this issue, I had my phone for 2+ years here in this same town, area, and house using the same Airvana with no issues. I would go through main street with full signal inside the stores/gas station and never had a problem.

    To rule out rom based issues, I have formatted / wiped my phone and have been testing this using a clean install of a stock based rooted rom which otherwise had worked for months without issue. No apps installed except default stock and no alternate configurations. This evening I even formatted and installed both the 4.67 and 5.07 stock rooted roms as clean format & installs and both give the same issue.

    I have been wondering if this might be a physical issue with the cellular radio built into the phone? Is that possible? Has that happened to anyone else?

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    11-01-2012 12:19 AM

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