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    So there has been not many, but a few posts in regards to people having problems with their computer recognizing their Evo and as a result can't use HTC Sync, Disk Drive or Internet Sharing. I finally just called HTC and was on the phone with Tech Support for about 20 minutes. The problem:

    The supplied HTC USB cable....

    First we both thought that it was because I had the wrong HTC Sync software. I was using the 2.0.33 version. For some reason when I go on HTC.com I get sent to the world site. Well on the US site there is a HTC Evo specific Sync update 2.0.40 (HTC Mobile Phone Support - HTC EVO™ 4G (Sprint) - Downloads)
    That still didn't fix the problem but just in case some of you guys are using the 2.0.33 version click on the above link to update.

    After going through some other options he said it was shot in the dark but maybe it was the USB cable. So I grabbed my fianc's USB cable for her Blackberry (noticed it was noticeably thicker and about 6 inches shorter) and worked with no problem what so ever. So there you go. Problem solved!

    If anyone else is having the issue of their Evo not being recognized by their computer try another USB cable. If it works call this number below and they will replace it under warranty.

    HTC Accessories 877-293-0807

    07-16-2010 08:51 PM
  2. charliegrs's Avatar
    Hmm thats interesting. I never would have noticed if I had this problem since Ive been using my old Palm Pre cable for charging/connecting to my pc. If any of you are having this problem and still have your old Pre cable just use that!
    07-16-2010 08:56 PM