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    Hello everyone,
    I have in the past viewed the forums on many occasions finding solutions to my evo problems, but today i have found a problem that i have not found to have been adequately addressed. It may have, if so i apologize in advance, but the issue is of a serious enough nature that i have decided to create an account and ask for assistance.

    My Phone life resembles a fat kid in a triathlon. Seriously on a full charge with usage such as average web surfing and text messaging, i can expect my phone battery to last about 3-4 hours. I have tried replacing the phone battery, as i now have about 3 or 4 "OEM" batteries that i have purchased from ebay to no avail. My phone takes about 4 hours to charge, and appears to die at a faster rate than charge. The expectation of playing a game on my phone is out the window. I literally carry a phone charger with my everywhere i go, and i expect to have to charge my phone atleast 3-4 times a day. I have tried advanced task killer to little avail, i have deleted applications that appeared to be using the most data, such as facebook, to no avail.

    A little background information - My htc evo is rooted and flashed to metro pcs.
    Any information or input what so ever is appreciated. This is a seriusly annoying issue as often times i can take my phone off the charger and after a few hours of idle time it will have depleted much more than the average phone. I saw that someone peoples phones last 24 hours on average? I doubt my phone would idle for a period of greater than 7 hours on full charge. While the screen is the primary perpetrator of battery use the majority of the time i check i usually set my screen brightness to around 30%. I NEVER use 4g (technically im incapable), use wifi when applicable, but the majority of my usage is 3g.
    Is there anything i can do , or what would be recommended where i can actually get at least 8 hours of juice out of my phone with reasonable usage?
    I attached four images that may assist, if not just show my serious inconvienience.
    Attached Thumbnails SERIOUS HTC EVO 4G Battery Life Issues.-batt.jpg   SERIOUS HTC EVO 4G Battery Life Issues.-batter.jpg   SERIOUS HTC EVO 4G Battery Life Issues.-battery.jpg   SERIOUS HTC EVO 4G Battery Life Issues.-batteryw.jpg  
    12-05-2012 08:27 PM
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    Oh god. Horrible. Extended battery is one way to go. But if you don't have $7-$20 to throw around right now, I suggest turning off auto-sync, turn off Background Data, change screen timeout to less than or equal to 1 minute, and NEVER, I REPEAT, NEVER charge a battery until its almost dead/is dead. Can wear out the battery quickly. Overcharging can also cause trouble. Hope I helped.

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    12-06-2012 04:14 AM
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    You've got a wakelock issue. Your "Awake" time is too high on the top right image. You just need to pinpoint the app that is keeping your phone awake.
    12-07-2012 10:13 AM
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    I just upgraded to the SGS3 after 2 years of the Evo 4G and I feel your pain. Its HORRIBLE

    What helped me the most was Juice Defender. Other than that, try to take everything back to stock and get another htc brand oem battery cus urs might be defective from the abuse im seeing.

    Good luck man

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    12-09-2012 01:00 AM
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    I have an HTC One. About 2 months old. Maybe once per week, I'll notice that it's warm near the top left (as you face it). When that happens, the battery life starts dropping seriously. I go into settings and see the same thing you see. No indication that anything unusual is running or happening. FYI, I'm on 4G and/or 4G LTE at all times. When it starts dropping like that from a full charge, the battery only lasts about 4 or 5 hours. Otherwise, it functions normally. My remedy? I power it down completely for a couple of minutes and then turn it back on. Then it runs fine for the next week or so -- couple of days on a charge, and the phone remains cool to the touch as it should. Have called the carrier (AT&T), and, of course, they have no idea. If it continues, I'll try to hit one their stores while it's occurring.

    BTW, during the first week of its life, I had a problem where it wouldn't read the SIM card. It would say that there was no SIM card installed. Would take it out and re-install, and it would last a day or two and then do the same thing. People at the AT&T store said they had seen a number of HTC's with this SIM card issue. I confirmed on line that this has plagued a few people. Finally took it out for a few minutes before re-installing and powering up. This problem has since not recurred. Any relationship between this and the battery drain issue? Who knows?
    03-16-2013 03:17 PM
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    If you live or work in an area with a weak signal you battery life will be short! The transmitter decides how much power to use depending on the incoming signal strength. My office was in a tin covered building and my battery lasted maybe 8 hrs. On the weekends it lasted much longer!. My phone would be warm when sitting at my desk and the signal low! It was using high power out to try to keep the link!
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    03-18-2013 03:04 PM

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