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    I know that there are threads talking about these batteries (seems like millions) or fighting about the charge of the batteries ... But I thought this article was worth a post ... If the mods believe otherwise it will be merged .... Thanks

    Reader review: Aftermarket batteries for HTC EVO 4G
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    07-19-2010 11:28 AM
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    Yeah, that's from the Ebay 2 batteries + charger!

    Nice review.
    And it was good to know that these are Touch Pro 2 batteries.
    Sadly I figure that people take these and rename them as Evo batteries and make money off of it.

    Anyway, I haven't bought any... but plan on it soon enough.
    I just wonder how they'll hold up 3-4 months from now.

    Even if they lasted only 3-4 months, you'd still get your money's worth... $10 bucks for 2 batteries + battery charger is much better than $50 extra battery for 1 year.
    07-19-2010 11:34 AM