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    So i just got the evo had the first droid and it got ripped of friday at the gym so decided to change to the evo i've rooted my droid and just did the evo just not sure if i have 4g we don't really have it here in modesto C.A yet but we get it in two mouths so right now its hit or miss. So what i need help on is the ip address i don't seen to have one at all it scans then says contacting to sprint but never does it just keeps switching back and forth.
    07-27-2010 01:51 AM
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    07-27-2010 04:07 PM
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    Periods, commas and question marks; they are your friends.

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    07-27-2010 04:40 PM
  4. hipespipes's Avatar
    Lol sorry i wrote that at midnight. So that's what its supposed todo????
    07-27-2010 07:39 PM
  5. oddlou's Avatar
    If you have 4g, it'll connect. If you don't, it won't. If it just scans and never finds anything, it's probably because there's no signal in your area. You should leave it off if you're not in a 4g area.
    07-27-2010 07:41 PM
  6. hipespipes's Avatar
    I hope that's the case i was just worried that i messed up th 4g when i rooted it.
    07-27-2010 11:48 PM
  7. TheMobileWorx's Avatar
    there were some people that messed up their 4G when they rooted with the second unrevoked patch - it was not the unrevoked group's fault... they were using the same radio patch that others were using as If you were one of those people, then you could have messed up the radio. There is a fix for it now, though!
    07-28-2010 01:05 PM