1. rizorith's Avatar
    I'm having an odd problem and I'm not even sure if it's actually a real issue.

    I have my youtube account linked to my gmail account. Today I tried for the first time to upload a video i took on the evo to youtube. It made me go through a login process on the phone where I was asked to put my normal youtube login info in (which is linked to gmail).

    However, it automatically set up a username@youtube.com account instead of my gmail. So now if I go to the main evo settings I have a username@youtube.com account but I really want it to just synch with my gmail one. The weird thing is I tried sending a random email to the youtube.com account and it bounced back.

    Is it possible this is a problem with 2.2? Or is this just the way it works for everyone?
    08-03-2010 06:28 PM
  2. abomb78's Avatar
    I am having a hard time locating a similar topic with my Thunderbolt. I have a gmail account linked to Youtube. Actually 2 ( I had an older one used a long time ago). My thunderbolt is synch and when I go into my Youtube app, it shows my subscriptions and my profile image from a google+ account. Whats happening is I am constantly getting an alert that the older account is needing to be authenticated. I cant seem to find this account anywhere on the phone. What I am thinking is, I started this older account while at work signed into Chrome. Could it be that Chrome is causing some kind of issue with my google accounts? I am not sure how to stop my phone from trying to log into this old account I no longer use or even know the password for. When I open the alert, I actually log in with the correct username and password for the real account, yet 30 minutes later the alert will say the other account needs to be synch. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Sorry to use your thread. I have been having a difficult time locating this exact issue.
    03-14-2013 08:36 AM