08-04-2010 01:13 PM
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  1. timtim#AC's Avatar
    So who is running just fine after the update. Reading a lot of errors and none saying mine works fine.

    Well mine works just fine even on flash sites.
    08-03-2010 10:26 PM
  2. int_architect's Avatar
    Yessir, nary a problem.
    08-03-2010 10:27 PM
  3. NicksGarage's Avatar
    These kind of things work better as a poll. No problems here.
    08-03-2010 10:37 PM
  4. bjordan's Avatar
    Mine is working fine now. Had bad battery drain issue at first. Reset some sync settings, all seems well now.

    Tried out Flash for the first time and I must admit it worked pretty well. On-demand is the perfect compromise for when you need it IMO. I don't plan on using Flash much but love that I have the option.
    08-03-2010 10:39 PM
  5. spreng37's Avatar
    A-OK here!
    08-03-2010 10:41 PM
  6. rem_kujawa's Avatar
    Fine now, I thought I had some problems but was mistaken.
    08-03-2010 10:44 PM
  7. fozzie66's Avatar
    ok here
    08-03-2010 10:51 PM
  8. Cubfan's Avatar
    Jury is still out on battery life since no app killers seen to work with Froyo. Otherwise, I couldn't be mire pleased.
    08-03-2010 10:51 PM
  9. ManxMariner's Avatar
    Thumb up
    08-03-2010 11:09 PM
  10. fonefanatic's Avatar
    Mine is working great! Have even noticed a slight increase in battery since update all smiles here
    08-03-2010 11:12 PM
  11. phenom923's Avatar
    Mine's fine.
    08-03-2010 11:14 PM
  12. cloak.n.dagger's Avatar
    Ran all day without a single issue (not that I had issues prior to the update). Haven't really noticed any major changes, aside from a slight change in the txt mssg interface. The flashlight app is nice but insignificant IMO. Didn't notice any battery life improvement today vs. a typical day with 2.1. I would like to have the option to turn sense UI off so I can "see" Froyo in its vanilla state. I was really psyched for this update but haven't been overly impressed.
    08-03-2010 11:22 PM
  13. Jaymcp's Avatar
    My wife and I have had no problems what so ever with our EVO's since the update.
    08-03-2010 11:32 PM
  14. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    I haven't had any issues with the Eclair or the Froyo. I think that the phone is just perfect. No issues. It just keeps getting better and better. It is unfortunate that there are some others who are having bad luck with their updates. But I am not one of them. Extremely happy
    08-03-2010 11:43 PM
  15. dguidry12's Avatar
    Mine is working fine after I had to factory reset. But now its doing great just one problem with Youtube.
    08-03-2010 11:43 PM
  16. PREvision's Avatar
    everything seems just fine. I have not tried all my apps yet.
    Wifi seems better and battery as well.
    No errors so far.
    08-03-2010 11:45 PM
  17. DevilInPgh's Avatar
    No battery problems for me. The only really irritating thing is that some apps are showing up as running in the background in Advanced Task Manager that weren't running in Eclair (eg: MediaFly, Quick App Clean Cache, Maps). And I don't know how to get them to stop.
    08-03-2010 11:49 PM
  18. dguidry12's Avatar
    Battery does seem a little better
    08-03-2010 11:57 PM
  19. kuhawksr1's Avatar
    Had to reconfigure a few things on both my and my wife's EVO but nothing terribly difficult. I've enjoyed the update. Our EVOs are definitely snappier all the way around (example - bringing up bookmarks). I like the UI tweaks in messaging and also like having all volume controls on same screen (ringer, media, alarms, notifications). I like being able to set apps to auto update. There are little improvements in many areas. Don't expect more from a .1 bump.

    Only things I had to work through were getting my apps to show up as downloads in the Market (simply powered phone off and back on and they showed up), reconfiguring update frequency for apps like news, stocks, etc to conserve battery. Reworking the 'display as' setting for each contact I have syncing from my MS Outlook account as they flipped to first/last order and I wanted last/first order, and re-doing Swype (uninstalling, reinstalling installer from the original beta invite I received, then reinstalling Swype from the Swype installer). Those were about all of the tweaks I had to make following the 2.2 update. I don't consider any of them 'issues'. Really pleased with the update.
    08-04-2010 12:22 AM
  20. Christianmrrw's Avatar
    My evo is working just fine. The question i have is how do i get swype on the evo is there a site that i go to.
    08-04-2010 12:35 AM
  21. kuhawksr1's Avatar
    08-04-2010 12:40 AM
  22. stoneworrior's Avatar
    My evo is working just fine. The question i have is how do i get swype on the evo is there a site that i go to.
    You had to be in the beta. It is closed now, they are going to market soon (we all hope)

    Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk
    08-04-2010 12:49 AM
  23. jgladstone's Avatar
    Smooth update for me. They fixed many bugs that really had bothered me with 2.1 I had previously been unable to properly change the date of existing all day calendar events...now fixed. I love that the keyboard doesn't pop up in messages. The phone is snappier and seems to utilize memory more efficiently. My battery life seems similar to previous...no discernible difference. Most of the gripes are from overreactors, impatient kids, or from trolls. This 2.2 went off without a hitch. I'll put 2.2 on my wifes EVO tomorrow.
    08-04-2010 01:08 AM
  24. Flip's Avatar
    Same here I really love my phone now!!! It so much smoother now n the web experience is awesome...no issues here
    08-04-2010 01:32 AM
  25. dkuchy's Avatar
    No problems before the update, no problems after. Smooth as silk.
    08-04-2010 02:29 AM
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