1. ResDog's Avatar
    I was just wondering if anyone else out there feels the same way I do about the updated Flash in 2.2. For me, I really don't like it. I prefer the 2.1 HTC Sense Flash player that was in 2.1 over this official update.

    Here's a few reasons why I miss 2.1 HTC Sense Flash Player:
    - Hold finger on flash window and it prompts you to go to full screen. LOVE that feature! 2.2 doesn't handle it like that and I can't find a way to make it do that.
    - While in full screen, you can pinch-zoom in or out on the fullscreen video.
    - Also while in this mode, you can easily move the time inidcator along the timeline. The 2.2 official Flash player seems to only allow the flash video to play as an imbedded boxed window. if you try to interact with the video timeline, it only sees it as a single touch to the whole Flash field, which is pointless when trying to jump around the timeline.

    Anyone else have these issues?

    Anyone share these complaints?

    Is there a way to setup 2.2 Flash to mimick these behaviors that I just haven't discovered yet?

    Am I a whiny, ungrateful *******? ( <--- on second thought... no need to answer that one)
    08-04-2010 08:09 PM
  2. derek5l's Avatar
    nope. Love the newer faster version.
    08-04-2010 08:14 PM
  3. ResDog's Avatar
    May I ask how you view Flash full screen now?

    Are you able to manipulate the timeline in the imbedded video when it's full-screen?

    I'm just wondering if I'm missing something very obvious with the new Flash in 2.2.

    To me it seems... lacking... compared to what HTC had functioning in the 2.1 HTC Flash Lite 4 application.
    08-04-2010 09:01 PM
  4. eldub1's Avatar
    08-04-2010 09:56 PM
  5. eldub1's Avatar
    stock. no issues.
    08-04-2010 09:57 PM
  6. Caitlyn McKenzie's Avatar
    May I ask how you view Flash full screen now?
    Double tap.

    Are you able to manipulate the timeline in the imbedded video when it's full-screen?
    I have no idea what you're talking about. If you mean the timeline on stuff like YouTube and such, that's not Flash feature, that's just the UI they gave it. It should work fine just dragging it as usual (it does for me). If it doesn't work on a specific site, tell the developer, they probably coded the UI for it poorly.

    Besides, Flash 10.1 is far more compatible, plays far more video/flash content, is much faster, uses less power, and has an on-demand option.
    08-04-2010 10:04 PM
  7. bdarknessb's Avatar
    You can long hold on the Flash window and you will see a little box appear on the top left which gives you the option to go full screen.

    As for the timeline issue, I totally agree with you.

    And if you want to pinch to zoom, don't go into full screen mode, just double tap to enlage it to fit your screen size.
    08-04-2010 10:45 PM
  8. PhantomPhreak53's Avatar
    I go back and forth. Some web sites the Flash Lite was a little smoother than Flash 10.1. If I had to choose over the two I would choose Flash 10.1 though. The overall compatibility with web sites is so much better now.
    08-04-2010 10:51 PM
  9. Cubfan's Avatar
    Why not turn on on-demand?
    08-04-2010 10:53 PM
  10. ResDog's Avatar
    I have on-demand active already.

    My biggest gripes are the full screen option and the manipulation of a videos timeline/timebar when viewing it.

    The full screen option seems to still be there, but no matter which way you view the streaming video, you still cannot manipulate the timebar. It bites when you are watching something like Tosh.0 clips and want to jump back for a quick replay. No can do... you have to restart from the beginning.

    Well, here's hoping that Dolphin HD's big update (coming soon!) addresses the issue.
    08-05-2010 09:05 PM
  11. Caitlyn McKenzie's Avatar
    As I mentioned before, that's a fault of the person who made that particular video player in Flash, not the Flash system itself. I can manipulate the time bar in many videos just fine.
    08-05-2010 09:14 PM