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    Hi all! For those who do not know, I work over at Zazzle.com. Our site allows people to upload their own artwork onto t-shirts, mugs, stamps, shoes, etc., then sell them for a commission.

    Well, after I updated my Evo to Froyo, I noticed that I could finally upload images right into Zazzle's design tools. It was impossible before because the upload control on all websites was disabled. But now that the Evo supports Flash, the upload control works (we use a Flash based uploader on Zazzle, but the tools themselves are not Flash).

    I was excited enough about this that I wrote up a blog post on our official company blog:

    Zazzle likes Froyo! Zazzle Blog

    Have a visit, try it out, open a store, and have fun!
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    08-09-2010 03:43 PM