1. smgoma's Avatar
    Did anyone else wind up with Sprint Navigation Lite after the upgrade to .6?
    08-12-2010 05:57 PM
  2. Gekko's Avatar
    no but i never use it. i like Google Maps Nav much better. so much faster.
    08-12-2010 06:05 PM
  3. c1971ace's Avatar
    My sprint nav seems like it always has...just used it to drive from Boston to Disney World with out any issues.
    08-12-2010 06:27 PM
  4. gruppe3942#AC's Avatar
    Same here. Looks like u have to upgrade to get turn by turn. What's up with that.

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    08-12-2010 06:30 PM
  5. c1971ace's Avatar
    Is it possible that it may be wireless plan related? I know with my plan Sprint Nav is included at no xtra charge.
    08-12-2010 06:36 PM
  6. NicksGarage's Avatar
    I use it every day and nothing changed after the upgrade to Android 2.2. Sprint Navigation version on my EVO.
    08-12-2010 07:19 PM
  7. dontspamtheman's Avatar
    Mine has "lite" on it after it logs in but I do not know what it had before. Version 2.8
    08-12-2010 07:28 PM
  8. Bujin#IM's Avatar
    I called Sprint and they assured me that I could upgrade to Premium without a charge, since its clearly part of my plan.
    08-12-2010 09:01 PM
  9. smgoma's Avatar
    Thanks. I just did the upgrade to Premium and will follow up with Sprint also. Just curious, did those who had Lite do the leaked manual updates, including Pojoman's update to .6?
    08-12-2010 10:14 PM
  10. pseudo_nomen's Avatar
    just as a data point -

    I did the leaked .3 update and then the pojoman .6 image and have the full version as part of the base package; no upgrade necessary.
    08-12-2010 10:48 PM
  11. NicksGarage's Avatar
    I did the leaked .3 update and the OTA .6 update for .3 users. Haven't done anything to Sprint Nav.
    08-12-2010 11:58 PM
  12. Delta1#AC's Avatar
    I just "upgraded" to Sprint Navigation Premium and it now has what it had before the 2.2 Froyo update and a bit more like traffic maps. It was the Lite version right after the update.

    I called Sprint and they assured me that this is included in my Simply Everything Data Family plan.
    We shall see.
    08-13-2010 12:16 AM
  13. JD76ers's Avatar
    I have the same problem, are we going to have to "upgrade to premium" every month? I better not get charged $9.99 per month for this. I have the Simply everything data family plan too
    08-13-2010 08:35 AM
  14. zuilai's Avatar
    I had the same problem yesterday when I updated my prl, I just turned off my phone, waited a few minutes and turned it back on, that solved the problem for me. No problems since.
    08-13-2010 10:42 AM
  15. c1971ace's Avatar
    I guess a lot of folks have had the same thing going on with the Nav....there is a 7 page thread over on Sprintusers.com about this.
    08-13-2010 10:43 AM
  16. BetterMost#AC's Avatar
    Just checked mine it says premium.
    08-13-2010 11:08 AM
  17. smgoma's Avatar
    Mine reverted to Lite again. I am going into the Sprint store to get back to 2.1 and do the OTA.
    08-13-2010 02:24 PM
  18. willsurg#AC's Avatar
    DONT GO TO SPRINT STORE!! I wasted 1 hour and a half, they have no idea what customer service is telling people and they can't do anything about rolling back to 2.1
    08-13-2010 02:30 PM
  19. DesertSilver#AC's Avatar
    As an FYI, some Palm Pre users had a similar issue where the Sprint Nav reverted to a "lesser" state a couple months after activation. I saw the threads about this on PreCentral but didn't follow them since I wasn't having the same issue.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that this may not be EVO/Android specific.
    08-13-2010 02:50 PM
  20. ManxMariner's Avatar
    I had the same issue but now it seems ok.
    08-13-2010 03:33 PM
  21. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    I had the same issue but now it seems ok.
    What did you do?
    08-13-2010 07:07 PM
  22. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    After doing the profile and PRL update, the Sprint Navigation application worked fine again.
    08-13-2010 09:25 PM
  23. scott_0's Avatar
    My sprint nav seems like it always has...just used it to drive from Boston to Disney World with out any issues.
    lol isnt that a straight shot down I95 South?
    08-13-2010 09:37 PM
  24. nextelfixer's Avatar
    Just checked mine and is says Sprint Navigation Premium, Same as before the upgrade.
    08-14-2010 10:03 AM
  25. smgoma's Avatar
    Well, yesterday it was fine after I entered the application when I returned to my home Sprint location. No Lite or Premium designation, just Sprint Navigation. The difference seems to be the Service Plan Code (under Diagnostic Tools in Sharing and More). I will check out the SprintUser thread referenced above.
    08-14-2010 10:04 AM