1. bobvanjr's Avatar
    I changed my Gmail password online and now my Evo won't sync with Gmail. Where do I change the log in info on my phone? I can't find it anywhere.

    08-14-2010 11:34 AM
  2. pwnst_r's Avatar
    When you do a manual sync doesn't it ask for your password now?

    *edit* After doing some research I see some folks suggesting to RESET your phone(?!) I would imagine at the worst you'd just have to remove the account and re-add it. Much simpler.


    08-14-2010 12:05 PM
  3. wrich73's Avatar
    Its for security reasons.
    just launch Gmail, hit refresh and you will be prompted for your new password
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    08-14-2010 12:49 PM
  4. Phrozen2nd's Avatar
    I just had this issue so I hope this works for you. Go to "Settings" then "Accounts and sync" from there tap on you "Google" account to try to get it to sync. The first time mine came back with an error, but the second it asked me for my password. I put in my updated password and everything Google related synced up!
    08-14-2010 12:51 PM
  5. bobvanjr's Avatar
    Trying to sync did work after a few attempts. The first few times it said I was entering the wrong password. Its working now.
    08-14-2010 01:02 PM
  6. Greg Evans's Avatar
    Does not work.
    its for security reasons.
    Just launch gmail, hit refresh and you will be prompted for your new password
    12-22-2012 06:50 AM