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    Bookmarks view: List instead of Icons. How to do it.
    For HTC EVO 4G (2.2)

    How to change the appearance of your bookmarks from the large Icons style, to the smaller, but readable List style. The List style lets you see more of your bookmarks.

    1. Go to the Home Page titled Bookmarks.
    2. Select this page by pressing on the word Bookmarks,
    and lingering your finger on it until it turns red,
    then drag your finger to the bottom of the screen.
    The bookmarks will disappear, and the screen will be empty.
    3. Again, press and linger your finger into the middle of the empty screen,
    and a screen will appear with selections.
    4. Select Widget. Another list will appear, of the various widgets.
    5. Select Bookmarks HTC. You will note the text at the top of the screen,
    Select a widget style (1 of 2).
    6. If you like the existing thumbnail view, then press the Select button at the bottom of the screen..
    7. If you would rather have the bookmarks appear as a list, then press the arrow (>) at the bottom of the screen
    8. If you like the list style, then press select.

    The system will now load your bookmarks as the List style.
    Note that if you had saved your own set of bookmarks before beginning this process, then your new list of bookmarks will reflect all of the bookmarks you had previously chosen when surfing the webyou do NOT lose your bookmarks.
    08-15-2010 09:38 PM