1. cstoli's Avatar
    I purchased the MLB.tv package to catch some Braves games. I knew it required Flash to work on my PC, so I thought since I updated to Froyo why not give it a try on my Evo? I tried to watch the 1:00 Braves game (mlb.com/mediacenter) and it seemed like it wanted to work. It would error after loading the game in Flash. I never was able to get it to work during the live broadcast, but I was able to watch the condensed version of games played last night. I will try it again tonight during different games.

    I connected to WiFi instead of 3G and was able to start streaming the Phillies feed. The picture in Picture does not seem to work though. The package is $29.99 for basic or $34.99 for Premium. That fact that is streaming onto my Evo as well as my PC and media center, makes it worth every penny.

    Go Braves!
    08-19-2010 06:21 PM
  2. ayman86's Avatar
    condensed game has always worked fine thru the mlb at bat app

    never tried my mlb.tv subscription
    08-19-2010 07:09 PM