1. avpmusic's Avatar
    is it possible to share my GPS with my Ipad on my EVO?

    i'm asking this question because i read this article "How to use an External BT GPS with the IPAD"

    in the article it says the guy was able to use a bluetooth GPS keychain ( Freedom Input Keychain GPS 2000 Receiver) and have the ipad pick up the direct location.

    i already use my evo to tether to the ipad, if i could 'share' the gps from my phone to use on the ipad that would be great!

    ideas? thoughts?
    08-21-2010 11:18 PM
  2. Caitlyn McKenzie's Avatar
    No, you cannot.
    08-22-2010 12:07 AM
  3. willy900wonka's Avatar
    Try the marine gps standards and find software to communicate between the two.
    Nmea 183 froyo - Google Search
    08-22-2010 03:25 AM