1. Sprint HTC 4G EVO's Avatar
    My HTC--I have the one like my username-- doesn't charge. I bought a new charger and a new battery three days ago. The first two days it was doing fine. Then yesterday I noticed that the battery was draining even while charging. I wasn't using the phone during charging time. Yesterday evening the battery was below 5% so I plugged it in and went to bed. This morning when I got up and checked, the battery was dead and not even charging though it was plugged in. Now I plug it in and the thing only charges for a few minutes and then stops. I haven't been able to switch on the phone all day and it's only charging once in a while. I need help REALLY BADLY cuz I need the phone. WHAT can I do?
    08-10-2013 04:32 PM
  2. Paul627g's Avatar
    New battery, new charger adapter/USB cable.. I would say then you have a faulty USB port on your EVO. I've seen this with my kids devices.. Charges for a few minutes then it looses connection and doesn't charge until you keep playing with the cord and find that perfect spot.
    08-10-2013 06:26 PM
  3. cowboys2000's Avatar
    When I had an EVO4G, I experienced the same problem. That USB port is barely on th e motherboard with 4 small dots of solder. I bet your port is lose or becomming loose.

    One solution is an external battery charger...
    08-19-2013 12:22 PM

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