1. 2CupsWithString's Avatar
    Yesterday I finally got my invite to app inventor, when my girlfriend got home I was so excited to show her what was on my phone that I jumped with my phone in hand while it was still plugged in to the computer. This caused the wire to pull out from the phone. No big deal so I thought until I plugged the phone back in, now the port is loose and if I move the phone the connection cuts in and out. Totally an epic (no pun intended) fail on my part but at least currently I can finagle the cable tight to charge/connect the phone.

    Secondly, I've been dealing with the white spot on the screen that a few others have as well - just a "bright spot" right around the top of the on screen keyboard. It's only really noticeable when the background of the screen is white.

    Thirdly, I'm rooted running a CM6 rom, I love having the ability to try all these different roms out and change things around and just see how stuff works.

    Do you know if I can get my Evo repaired as opposed to replaced with a refurb? I've read both cases here and did some searching but couldn't find much, so if anyone in the know can point me in the right direction that'd be great.

    Ultimately I'd like to have the micro usb port fixed and the screen replaced, if it comes down to it I don't mind paying to get the port replaced as it was totally my fault.

    Think I can do this or think I will be stuck getting a refurbished froyo'd Evo?
    08-25-2010 06:51 AM
  2. pwnst_r's Avatar
    They won't be happy when you give them a rooted phone to fix.
    08-25-2010 07:02 AM
  3. 2CupsWithString's Avatar
    They won't be happy when you give them a rooted phone to fix.
    I will RUU it back to 2.1 and save a nandroid of my current setup so I can get back to it fast.
    08-25-2010 07:03 AM
  4. pwnst_r's Avatar
    Then definitely repair, although the wait may be painful.
    08-25-2010 07:16 AM
  5. 2CupsWithString's Avatar
    Then definitely repair, although the wait may be painful.
    They will def. repair it though? I'd rather deal with a bright spot and wrapping the cord around the phone to get a charge than to give up root.
    08-25-2010 07:19 AM
  6. pwnst_r's Avatar
    I had a friend that got his repaired, but he asked directly for that at a corp store.
    08-25-2010 07:27 AM
  7. 2CupsWithString's Avatar
    Just got off the phone with my local Sprint corp store.

    They said they're having issues with the charging port on some Evos and will *try* to fix it but most likely have to order a new one for me.

    I asked him if it's possible to get one with 2.1 because I use an app that doesn't yet work on 2.2 he said they can try but most of them come with 2.2 now.

    I guess I'll stop by there tomorrow and maybe they can fix it, hopefully.
    08-25-2010 09:23 AM
  8. pwnst_r's Avatar
    good luck!
    08-25-2010 01:27 PM
  9. FearallEvo's Avatar
    I am dealing with the white patch myself...it is annoying for mine is like just below the middle of the screen....I will probably wait till they have a substantial amount of Evos before I try to exchange it though...
    08-25-2010 04:15 PM
  10. trooper54's Avatar
    if you ruu to 2.1 most stores will apply 2.2 as part of their fix. you'll be out of root either way.
    08-25-2010 04:18 PM