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    I've had my AOL and my exchange server (work) email on my HTC EVO 4G for years now. Exchange email continues to work fine, but all of a sudden this week the AOL account stopped sending/receiving emails. It shows up as an available account when I touch the home page icon and I can pull up both the AOL and Exchange accounts, but the only emails that show up in the AOL account are from a few days ago when it stopped receiving. Then when I went to the accounts & sync screen to add it back in, it doesn't even list AOL OR "other" for me to add another account. Bizarrely it will only gives me the following choices - Exchange; google; linked in; facebook; flickr; and qik video! How the heck do I add AOL back on the phone???? I did a hard boot (pull battery), but no joy. This one has me baffled.....
    09-20-2013 07:08 AM

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