1. Tallguy1979's Avatar
    The tutorial on flashing phone back to stock i been reading would be awesome..except i cant get my computer to communicate to my phone. I have read else where that its a charging port issue but even though it will charge, it wont send data..is there a different way to do this? (without data cable?) Total noob so any help would be appreciated.
    09-24-2013 09:50 PM
  2. ttwiitch's Avatar
    Toggle down the notification bar when you connect it and toggle switch to how you are connecting it to the PC

    Sent from my SPH-L710
    09-24-2013 10:05 PM
  3. Tallguy1979's Avatar
    Tried that. Ugh. Any other ideas?
    09-24-2013 10:31 PM
  4. ttwiitch's Avatar
    Hard reset & Try again?

    Sent from my SPH-L710
    09-24-2013 11:23 PM
  5. Tallguy1979's Avatar
    I tried the hard reset. Usually i know with other phones i will get a message stating im connecting to computer. Not in this case. Debugging is on.
    09-24-2013 11:49 PM
  6. Tallguy1979's Avatar
    Since i cant get the data cable to work, Can i do this from a memory card? If so, how?
    09-25-2013 06:54 PM

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