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    Hey all...

    Looking for some help with my Evo...

    I guess to explain this, I'll go about it this way.....

    When I am on a call and have the phone up next to my ear to speak/listen, I can be on the call for an hour, and when I pull the phone away from my ear the phone screen will be active, allowing me access to mute/put on speaker phone etc etc etc

    However, take that same phone call, and let's say I'm in the car and don't have the phone up next to my ear- I put it in a cradle that I have in my car and talk on speakerphone. Here's where the problem comes in....based on whatever the screen timeout is set at, the screen will go inactive. SO 10 minutes into the call, if I want to mute the call I have to press the power button and enter my passcode to get back to the call and then I can press mute- doesn't seem right that there would not be a seperate "screen time out" for when you are in an active phone call.

    Very frustrated...please help

    09-20-2010 12:44 PM
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    You could use any of the profiles apps to do this (Locale, Setting Profiles, Tasker). I prefer Tasker but any of the three will allow you to set conditions when in a car dock (or other condition as you see fit) to prevent the screen from timing out.

    I set Tasker so that when I am in the car plugged in speakerphone automatically toggles on to high volume, screen stays on, and ringer volume is set to high. Works great. I had less success setting it up with Locale; Tasker allows for (demands?) a lot of personal tweaks.
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    09-20-2010 04:06 PM