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    I'm trying to find where I can download the 2.2 update to my computer. Does anyone have a link? From HTC? Xda?
    I'm trying to follow the instructions below.

    (Side-note: will the new OTA released this week work for these instructions to get back to stock?)

    So, my phone is running 2.1 rooted with unrevoked 3. I'm trying to get back to stock 2.1 and then update to Froyo. (I don't want to flash a 2.2 ROM; I just want to get back to stock without losing all my data.)

    I found these INSTRUCTIONS on AndroidForums: 1. download the froyo update 2. change name to "update" (without quotes). Change only the name. Leave the "zip" extension alone! 3. take out your evo battery and remove your SD card. Put it in your computer and drag the new file to it (or hook your phone to the computer via usb cable and drag the new file to SD card). 4. replace card (if you removed it) and battery and re-start phone (see 5) 5. hold the "up volume" button while starting the phone. 6. navigate to "bootloader" with up/down volume buttons (mine was already sitting on "bootloader") and select with power button. 7. find and select "recovery" (again with the power button). Phone will boot into recover mode. 8. select "apply update.zip" (again with the power button). That's it. It will take your phone about 5-10 minutes to completely recover. Don't worry about the box with a green arrow coming out of it pointing to a little android guy. That's part of the process. When it's all done, you will have Froyo 2.2, you didn't wipe or lose anything (except root)
    09-25-2010 07:25 PM