1. FractalSphere's Avatar
    I have been running Baked Snack 1.8 for about a month now and I really like it over Stock or even rooted Stock. Particularly the battery life!

    But there are a couple minor issues I've been seeing and since I have repeatedly asked for access to the bakedsnackshack forums and have been IGNORED I will post my questions here. If there's no access to their forums soon I'll just assume they don't want to support their product and move on to another ROM.

    The issue I'm seeing mostly is the screen-reset. After I sync to HTC Sync or even go from Disk drive to unplugging the phones USB, it'll reset the time/weather widget and blank out the calendar and people widgets as well until I scroll to them (like on startup).

    What's with that? It's minor, and not a show-stopper, but still.

    Also, 4G is a deadly battery drain and slowdown of the interface as a whole. I'm basically keeping 4G off the whole time these days.
    11-01-2010 12:49 PM
  2. jten9's Avatar
    Did you donate? The forums are donate only... kinda sucks that you HAVE to donate for access; but that said, I definitely would have donated anyway as Baked Snack has become my go-to ROM. I run Fresh sometimes, and TwoPointTwo a bit also, but Baked is my daily driver. There are a few people on the baked forums that are pretty helpful, so imo it is worth it.

    In any case, the ROMs are released to the public eventually.

    I've not noticed the issues you mention. Only thing I can think of is, do you have those apps forced onto the sd card? They won't show up if the card is mounted to your computer, and will take a sec to show after start-up until your phone reads the card...

    btw I've been switching between 1.8 and 1.9, and baked kernel 6 and laptop kernel.

    edit- forgot, regarding 4g... it has been a huge battery hog for me on all the ROMs I have tried. I rarely use it.
    11-01-2010 01:05 PM