1. luv2bhated's Avatar
    just dropped my berry for the evo and im in luv , i got a question i keep reading about "rooting". can sum1 tell me wut this is and wut advantages you get from doing it? thank you
    01-01-2011 11:57 PM
  2. carraser891's Avatar
    rooting is similar to jailbreaking on something such as an iphone. it allows the user to tweak the limitations of the phone set by the carrier or manufacture. ive never tried doing it and i dont want to cuz i dont wanna destroy my phone lol.
    01-02-2011 12:04 AM
  3. juggalofx's Avatar
    It gives you the same type of control as your berry to gain access to all parts of your phone. It opens you up to more apps themes and roms. When you first do it you won't be impressed but one you stay messing around you will fall in love with your phone all over again

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    01-02-2011 12:05 AM
  4. Dave Blake's Avatar
    Welcome we are glad you could join us. Check out our ROMs and hacks forum there is a lot of good information there for you. When you are ready to root start with this thread:


    When you have a minute please review our forum rules as always search for answers to your questions there is lots of information available in these forums that can help you. Cant find the answer to your question post up we will help if we can.

    01-02-2011 09:05 AM
  5. DonnaJ415's Avatar
    Enjoy your evo! Best phone ever
    01-02-2011 12:07 PM
  6. callderek#AC's Avatar
    Welcome! I came over from the Palm Pre and patched the hell out of it because it had to be done, so much was missing from that phone. The Evo has all of those things and more. I've found no need to root. Plus if you go over to the forum section regarding hacking and rooting there are so many "ive bricked my phone, help!" Threads it will kind of freak you out. Well, it freaked me out, so no need really as far as I'm concerned !
    01-02-2011 12:48 PM
  7. MissJennell#IM's Avatar
    I just got my EVO a few weeks ago and I rooted it yesterday. Was the easiest thing ever. I used unrevoked 3 from the front page of androidcentral. I literally just dl'd it, plugged in my phone and let it run. Super simple and easy. I then installed a rom from my phone using Rom Manager Pro from the market. I don't think it could have gotten any easier.
    01-02-2011 01:18 PM
  8. RUSH's Avatar
    Hi, luv2bhated.
    Welcome to Android Central......

    I'm glad to have you on board. Android is unstoppable and the amount of users are increasing by the thousands each day.

    Nice choice of phone... the EVO is beyond any other phone that I have ever used. In fact, all phones running Android is awesome.

    Enjoy your phone, and most of all enjoy the forums.
    01-02-2011 01:31 PM
  9. callderek#AC's Avatar
    So its my understanding that rooting is easy. But is the warranty voided if you do?
    01-02-2011 02:00 PM
  10. Dave Blake's Avatar
    So its my understanding that rooting is easy. But is the warranty voided if you do?
    Yes you have most definitely voided your warranty. Most of the time if you can flash back to a Sprint ROM and you still have the issue you can get the device replaced under the warranty but if you take a rooted device in to a Sprint service center for repair or replacement they have the rite to refuse to fix it.

    Thats is all I know about that,
    01-02-2011 02:06 PM
  11. Verdes8891's Avatar
    Welcome to the android clan brother
    01-02-2011 02:13 PM
  12. mbeezy's Avatar
    Welcome to the evo nation.

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    01-02-2011 02:22 PM