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    So I have a problem, I really like my evo, but I have a new problem. One of the first things I tested when I bought my Evowas if it could stream from my favorite anime site, it worked great! I went back today and now its saying "sorry, this video cannot be played"
    Why is this happening? The first time I played it, I was on 3g with about 3 bars. This time I'm on 3g with full bars! Is it something from an update that's messing it up?
    I have searched the forum but didn't find this issue.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!
    01-29-2011 02:47 AM
  2. HKM's Avatar
    Streaming does not always mean they are using same format for the encode make sure its supported. Is it flash based? make sure its installed if not go via AppMarket and get it.
    01-29-2011 02:53 AM
  3. gangland's Avatar
    I ve been an evo owner since Dec27..I too had thus problem . What I Di was go to the market and get rock player lite and when u go to play your vid pick rock player worked for me and my evo.. let me know if it helped
    01-29-2011 02:57 AM
  4. i_fly_rc's Avatar
    Gangland, rock player is for playing files on your phone, not streaming so wouldn't fix this one.
    HKM, I installed flash 10.1 but no dice, Still giving the error.
    What gets me is that it DID play last week and now it doesn't.
    01-29-2011 03:16 AM
  5. HKM's Avatar
    Hmmm so it worked last week but not working now? Maybe the new eps they uploaded requires different codec like dvix. If you don't mind send me the direct URL of it via PM, I can check.

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    01-29-2011 05:08 AM
  6. metroff1's Avatar
    Rock Player DOES do streaming. Download it from the market and this will solve your problem.
    01-29-2011 07:57 AM
  7. RUSH's Avatar
    Most of these websites are data intensive... which mean to play certain videos/clips requires a good 3g/4g signal. For instance... Watching videos on YouTube sometimes give an error.. tapping the thumbnail clip repeatedly usually play the video - considering you have a strong data connection. Also, the problem could be with certain type of videos that you're trying to watch. There are several factors that could be causing this.

    What you could do is either reboot the device, or update your data profile.

    Ps. Videos seem to work better using Sprint 4g.
    01-29-2011 08:23 AM
  8. i_fly_rc's Avatar
    Well I am not having any problems streaming on YouTube, no lag or buffers so the data is fine.

    I just tried rockplayer lite and was very disappointed, the frames pixelated and had no audio at all. It could just be a compatibility issue between rockplayer and the site though.
    01-29-2011 08:27 AM
  9. SanGo's Avatar
    There's also nswPlayer if you don't mind downloading yet another app.
    01-29-2011 11:35 AM
  10. taadow1030's Avatar
    I've had the same issue. It's seems to have gotten worse lately... probably coinciding with the same period that I started having slow browser issues. I'll try Rockplayer. Also, the internet speed boost mentioned on another thread in this forum seems promising thus far.
    01-29-2011 02:30 PM
  11. i_fly_rc's Avatar
    Sango, I just tried nswplayer, it said invalid file :/
    01-29-2011 04:45 PM
  12. jerseypimp's Avatar
    I would get the same message when trying to play uploaded video's from the facebook app. My Evo would only play youtube uploaded videos but I downloaded the rockplayer and now the ones that arent youtube I use rockplayer. Thanks for the suggestion life is good now.
    01-29-2011 10:53 PM
  13. Mom2Ninjas's Avatar
    Vplayer in the market might work for you. Try the trial version.
    01-30-2011 12:09 AM
  14. i_fly_rc's Avatar
    Vplayer looks like it may work, i will play with it some more and see how well it handles under 4g connection
    01-30-2011 12:29 PM
  15. splmonster's Avatar
    Rock Player works really good as well. I don't seem to suffer from those same issues you had with it. I personally thought Vplayer's audio was off-sync with the video.
    01-31-2011 03:16 AM
  16. taadow1030's Avatar
    Is it possible to set Rockplayer to play video streams instead of the default player? I want use Rockplayer to play internet videos, but the option never appears to allow me to do so. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
    01-31-2011 10:02 PM
  17. cordoni's Avatar
    Settings*manage application*video player*clear defaults

    Then the next time you go to play a video file you will get a pop-up asking which player to use. This pop-up will also have a make default option.

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    01-31-2011 10:20 PM
  18. taadow1030's Avatar
    Thanks Cordoni. Unfortunately, that option is not available with the Evo. :-(

    I've looked at HTC Streaming media and every other possible option, but none have defaults that I'm able to clear.
    02-01-2011 07:59 AM
  19. Sumabot's Avatar
    Hi I had been experiencing the same issue on my Samsung Infuse. Out of nowhere I was unable to play videos on YouTube's mobile site or even view previews in my flixter movies app. I kept getting the same old message over and over. To make things stranger the same youtube movies worked fine within the youtube app. This was really starting to make my blood boil.

    I'm not sure what the actual issue was but here is what I did to fix this problem. Open your web browser, hit menu, go to more, go to settings. Under settings clear your cache, history, cookies, form data, location access, passwords and reset to default settings. Don't worry you won't lose any bookmarks. Exit browser.

    Next I uninstalled the flash player 10.3 update and immediately reinstalled it via market app under my apps. From here I went to youtube's mobile site and I was able to watch videos again, also my flixter movie app plays previews again.

    Hope this helps cheers.
    09-03-2011 04:03 AM
  20. got berry's Avatar
    I get this message while trying to play a video I took on my EVO. Any solutions would be great.
    09-08-2011 12:57 PM
  21. Lestah_613's Avatar
    Just refresh the page. It'll happen whenever your signal is not very strong and you're trying to watch HD videos. Or large ones.
    09-13-2011 08:53 AM
  22. Mercedes Rose's Avatar
    I've been having the same problems, I love watching anime and it's worked just fine on my phone for the past two weeks, but stopped working yesterday any advice on how to solve the problem. I'll try anything.
    06-13-2014 01:59 AM

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