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    For the past few days, my battery life has been unreliable. I am using the stock battery for my EVO 4G. When I got the phone back in August, I prowled through these forums to get the maximum battery life possible (such as turning off GPS, using less to no widgets that uses data, setting a low brightness level with the option of automatic brightness off, 4G off, turning off mobile data when in sleep mode, etc). Right now, when I wake up, my battery is at 100%, and not even three minutes later after going through texts and answering them, it would drop to 89%. Normally, I would be around 97% after all this.

    Before, it would take a hour or so to charge it from 25% to 100%. Right now, it takes almost THREE HOURS to get a full charge.

    I am wondering if I should restore my phone (not rooted) as maybe I downloaded a bad app that has been causing all these problems, but I went through the apps I downloaded and all of them seem legit and shouldn't be consuming much battery life.

    I figured if I restore my phone, maybe the battery life would be back to normal. Also, last night, it dropped to 17% on a short, 5 hour shift at work, and I came in with 89% battery life. It is in my pocket the whole time, and I only check it for the time and I only use it on breaks (I have two).

    When I turned the phone off for a hour, and turned it back on, it had miraclously jumped from the 17% to 32%. I have read this happens, so I kept my phone off all night while charging, and it still drops too fast, more than normal.

    I know the HTC EVO 4G is really bad on battery life, but I have ALWAYS managed to keep it pretty well from 100% to 50% on an 8 hour shift at work.

    What do you guys think? Bad battery? Restore phone?
    04-13-2011 12:12 PM
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    Also, I don't run Google Chat, I had to uninstall the Weather Channel app since it was causing problems, the browser I use is Dolphin HD, and I could see Facebook app draining battery, but I hardly ever use it. I also have automatic synching turned off as well.
    04-13-2011 12:19 PM
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    This I can tell you for sure. The way the new cell phone batteries are made, they are supposed to drain down to about 90% when you first use them for the day. The companies who make the batteries found that it is more efficient and better for the battery to drain like that. Versus the way cell phones used to use battery where it was designed to barley trickle down so to speak, resulting in longer battery life but shortening the life expectancy. I was wondering about that myself whenever I noticed it drop 10% in like wo to 20 minutes of use when I wake up. Also download an app from the Market called "Spare Parts" or an app called "System Panel". They give a much more detailed look at your battery usage and should you identify what is causing such strong drain. One other thing you can do is clear your battery log after an absolute full charge. I've heard that's helped quite a few people get a more accurate reading.

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    04-13-2011 12:31 PM