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    OK. I know there is a lot of data on here about duplicate contacts but I wanted to ask regarding my specific situation. I am NOT an outlook exchange user and I would rather not sync with Google. I do not use Google sync and have that unchecked in the people menu setting. My phone is a Sprint EVO 4G. I simply want to do as I did with my Blackberry...and it was flawless at it...I want to sync my laptop, home computer and HTC Sprint EVO phone periodically so they all have the same contact information. That's it!

    I would like to use the manufacturers program, HTC SYNC, to do this. I have only synced successfully one time (last fall) and this process added about 800 duplicates to BOTH my EVO and my laptop's outlook program! I spent HOURS on the phone with HTC and Sprint. No help - HTC said we are developing an updated version of HTC Sync...so I waited...6 months. So a few weeks ago they came out with a new version of HTC SYNC. I still have all of the duplicated contacts on my EVO, I spent hours erasing them from my laptop and am hesitant to try to sync with the newly updated HTC Sync as I do not want to corrupt my laptop again. It is a pain in the a-- to even edit a contact on the EVO because you have to edit 3 or 4 contacts that the phone has duplicated. I am now trying Contact Analyzer 2 that I downloaded from the Android Market to "merge" duplicated contacts before I try to sync again.

    I have however tested the waters with the new version of HTC Sync by simply attaching the cable and could not believe that my laptop would not recognize my EVO and the EVO said it could not find the program on my laptop...same crap as the last version. I saved my Blackberry and continue to use it as a "syncing device" between my laptop and home computer!

    Sorry so long winded...any advice to simply sync outlook from PC (not outlook exchange) to Phone?
    04-17-2011 03:31 PM
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    How about setting up a separate user profile on your laptop to experiment with. Sync your phone with that profile and see if it all turns out the way you want. if it doesn't, no harm, no foul. Your main profile isn't changed.
    04-17-2011 04:05 PM
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    I called HTC tech support today and got sync to work but it again duplicated and added about 800 contacts to both my device and my phone. It seems google (evo is based on) does not recognize the company name fields in outlook and splits it up into different fields creating the duplicate contacts. So I have to go over 1500 business contacts in my laptop and name them differently so the evo/htc/google likes the names...do I save companies as first name? last name? The rep also told me google does not like the notes field in outlook either and will create duplicates from your notes field. I thought they would work these bugs out on the new htc sync version 3
    04-17-2011 08:29 PM