1. Bigtuna00's Avatar
    My (non-rooted) EVO appears to be hosed. Here's the details:

    I no longer have Sprint service so I've only been using the phone as an mp3 player for my son. The phone is on a fresh factory wipe with nothing installed but MP3s and playlists. Don't even have any Market updates because I haven't wanted to sign in. I believe it was running 2.2.1 or 2.2.2 but can't remember for sure.

    I got home tonight and checked the battery. I noticed the headset icon was on (the icon that indicates headphones with a mic are plugged in). But it went away quickly. Battery was ~40%. Didn't think much of it so I set it up for my son (we clip it onto his swing using a holster).

    My wife later tried to start playing music and the touch screen was completely unresponsive. The headset icon was back and the screen didn't respond to any attempt to unlock or play music (using the stock Music app with the integrated lock screen controls).

    I could turn the screen on and off (i.e. the power button responded) but I couldn't shut the phone down by holding the power button. I ended up pulling the battery for a few seconds and putting it back in. The phone then went into a reboot loop. All I get is the "htc EVO 4G" screen with a white background followed by a black screen, over and over.

    Troubleshooting I've already done:

    • A longer battery pull did not help. Left it out for ~1 hour.
    • Selecting "Recovery" in the boot options does nothing; takes me to the same white screen, then loops.
    • Selecting "Clear Storage" also does nothing (it's still looping).
    • Pulled the SD card, no difference.

    At this point I have no idea what to do (besides contact HTC, and this one has already been warranty repaired twice).

    Any ideas?
    05-03-2011 12:48 AM
  2. SierraJulietSierra's Avatar
    Had the same thing happen to me. The Battery was really low shut down, then i tried to restart with out charging... It looped till completely died. charged it full while shut off. Restarted and looped the sprint logo over and over till i took battery out. I had to hard reset. 1. Turn the power off. If your HTC EVO 4G is frozen, pull the battery out and reinsert it
    2. Hold the Volume Down button
    3. Press and release the Power button
    4. You are now presented with a menu that allows for Fastbook, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock
    5. Select Clear Storage by pressing the Volume Down button
    6. Press and release the Power button
    7. Now simply confirm your decision: Volume Up for YES and Volume Down for NO
    It should fix it and save you music because its on your sd card.

    If that doesn't work do steps 1 through 4 and select recovery it should take you to a screen with a triangle cell phone and ! From there press the power button and volume up or down it should bring up a blue menu with four choices select clear storage reset or something like that scroll down with volume buttons till you see yes after like 5 no's. (if a prompt comes up that says it can't find recovery, keep pressing power button alternating the volume buttons till you see blue screen i mentioned above.) Restart and it should be fresh and new with all you files saved. Hope that helps! and keep that battery charged!
    05-03-2011 03:06 AM
  3. Bigtuna00's Avatar
    FWIW, I ended up having to send the EVO in for repair. No word on what they fixed, but it works ok now.
    07-18-2011 04:21 PM
  4. bdGDL08's Avatar
    I don't know what's going on. I have my stock Evo. It was rooted at one point, but I returned it to stock using the RUU method. We changed the number it was on, but it is still on Sprint. It has done it twice now, stuck in boot loop. I have so far tried a battery pull for an hour+ and so on. Right now I'm letting it recharge. The first time this happened, I RUUed the phone again.
    08-08-2011 07:54 PM