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    I have the epic 4g and I like it but curiosity has stuck and I really want too know from your guys perspective which is the better phone I mean the evo has bigger screen and more custom rom support and stuff but for how long would it be a really bad idea too swap I had the evo shift and loved it but it was too small and to clunky for me I watch movies allot and play allot of games so keep this in mind if you would go for a recommendation

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    05-12-2011 10:34 PM
  2. Verdes8891's Avatar
    If you watch movies alot, evo is a no brainer. With the kickstand and the addition of having netflix now is a big plus in that direction in my eyes.

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    05-12-2011 10:37 PM
  3. Franzferdinan51's Avatar
    But what about games

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    05-12-2011 11:01 PM
  4. asd216's Avatar
    The epic is better for gaming...the shift if better that the evo for gaming lol...I love my evo tho and can't wait for the evo 3d
    05-12-2011 11:13 PM
  5. Franzferdinan51's Avatar
    So epic for games evo for movies okay got it thanks

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    05-12-2011 11:49 PM
  6. asd216's Avatar
    So its all up to preference at this point hope it helped some

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    05-13-2011 12:42 AM
  7. jtc411's Avatar
    it all boils down to what you want. The Epic is definitely more for gaming due to the GPU. My wife has the epic and I originally got the epic but switched to the Evo. The super amoled display is great, but I prefer the size of the Evo's. I've read the epic is going to get gingerbread just like the Evo is supposed to and that I believe is where the updates will end on these phones. At this point I would say you would be trading one old device for another. If you wanna make a move do the evo 3d or something.
    05-13-2011 12:55 AM
  8. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    Or get the Nexus S.
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    05-13-2011 05:40 AM
  9. scott_0's Avatar
    I have an evo and my wife has the epic, I prefer my evo over it easily
    05-13-2011 12:49 PM
  10. Franzferdinan51's Avatar
    Ty all for the advice

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    05-13-2011 01:00 PM
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    05-13-2011 01:09 PM
  12. cloak.n.dagger's Avatar
    This really is a preference thing. My preference is to have no moving parts, so the EVO wins there. I have been using the EVO for almost a year now and my wife got the Epic a month ago. She moved from a PRE to the Epic and thought she'd stick with the physical keyboard. She hated it! To her credit she gave it the full 30 days before she swapped it out for the EVO. I played with the Epic for a bit while she had it and must say that Samsung's UI (thouchwiz, I think it's called) is just terrible in comparison to Sense. This, of course, is just my opinion and I'm sure there are many out there that like it better than Sense. At the end of the day I always find myself very happy with my EVO and I haven't had a single regret since I got it. In regards to gaming, custom ROMs and overclocked kernels can turn your EVO into a monster gaming device, if that's what you want it to be. I find that it plays all the games I have tried just fine without any mods.
    05-14-2011 12:59 AM
  13. rcollins001's Avatar
    I have a EVO my wife had the EPIC after returning it 3 times for hardware problems Sprint let her switch to an EVO. She thought she would miss the keyboard, but she hasn't. Go for the EVO .
    05-14-2011 07:15 PM
  14. igotsanevo4g's Avatar
    Dont wanna down play our beloved evo's, but id suggest you get the nexus s 4G. Beats the evo and epic in almost every way.
    05-14-2011 09:07 PM
  15. bberrynewbie84's Avatar
    So it seems the epic is s girly phone according to these replies in this thread,lol.

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    05-14-2011 10:55 PM
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    Dont wanna down play our beloved evo's, but id suggest you get the nexus s 4G. Beats the evo and epic in almost every way.

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    05-15-2011 01:14 AM
  17. Fumetsu's Avatar
    I had the Epic right after I switched from my Droid on Verizon. I picked it originally over the EVO because of the screen and Physical keyboard, but was frustrated over the limited dev support and lack of Froyo, so I switched to the EVO. Back then it only had Eclair and GPS issues and Sammy was taking forever for updates. I love my EVO and since then Sammy has stepped up its game. The kickstand is great, but both are now solid devices. Don't think you can go wrong with either one. I rarely used the physical keyboard so it's basically a matter of preference. Don't think you can go wrong with either one. Hope this helps with your decision.
    05-15-2011 01:25 AM
  18. wallyrulz's Avatar
    My wife has the Epic. If I had never experienced sense or used an EVO, then I would think it was a most awesome phone. I can't put my finger on one thing, but sense makes touchwiz almost a joke. Every time my wife wants me to fix or change something, I find myself thinking that I'm glad I don't have to deal with it. Plus it is just enough bigger than my EVO that it does not fit in the cell phone pockets I have on most of my pants and shorts (which is my preferred method of carry). Of course the final one for me is Flex T9. I truly hate physical keyboards after using it. It is amazing.

    They are both great phones, and they do not feel dated at all 9 months and 1 year later.
    05-16-2011 01:41 PM