1. pbo2m3's Avatar
    I have an EVO and as of the last few days it's been acting funny. It started with the time being off by about ten minutes on 2 consecutive days. Had to restart the phone to get it back up with the correct time. Now I'm have a problem with apps. 1 of the problems is that it won't update the apps, it says that it can't install on usb storage or SD card. I tried downloading a new app and it says the same thing. I've tried reinstalling the sd card and still does the same thing. Some new apps will install without a problem but most have a problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    05-29-2011 10:51 PM
  2. Litt's Avatar
    The Amazon App Store has updated and downloaded 5 or 6 times in the last few days. Thats weird. Also got a string of text messages that said they were from 4 hours in the future.
    05-30-2011 12:42 AM