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    Hello everyone,
    I will try to explian the proble, to the best of my knowledge....

    This is my second Evo Design and was planning on rooting it to get back at since the last time I root a phone was my original Evo 4g, when things were less complex . Anyways, when I turn this phone ON I thought it was rooted because of some of the settings. Well after I got it connected, I noticed some functionally issues.

    1. I could not send or received pictures
    2. HTC time/ weather widget is not available
    3. Very slow ( this is my second HTC device and my first devise which was running on GB was great)
    4. This was weird; I notice that when I turn the phone OFF or back ON the yellow Sprint “Now” and “4g” logos are not shown; instead there is the word “android” that comes on.

    I took the phone to a sprint store and they hand it back to me because they could not get the MMS to work, they said the phone had to be rooted; meaning I could not get a replacement. A rep there said that he would have to do something with the firmware, as if the one on the phone now did not allow sprint to work or fix the issue (Did find out that MMS will work using Go SMS pro)

    Question is, can I revert to stock gingerbread OS and if yes how. Please I need to fix this phone and sometimes my job makes it hard for me to follow un on the forum. Send me an email to xxxx if you any ideas.

    The phone is unlocked, s-on and with HBOOT 1.30.0000. and has twrp v1.1.1 for recovery. Some other information:

    Android version
    Kernel version
    Thanks in advance...

    edti: I followed the instructions form this other forum by nfinitefx, problem solved... Dude you are a life saver. Thanks
    Link http://forums.androidcentral.com/htc...ml#post2273611
    10-29-2012 11:08 AM
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    11-04-2012 06:16 PM

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