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    So I have a couple things I am searching for.

    First, does anyone know of a good way to change the way vibrations work on my phone? Mine is just a soft, two-pulse vibration that goes off once when I get a text. When I get a phone call, I get several longer pulses, which work really nice. I wish my notification pulse was better/stronger. I seem to only find applications that change the vibration settings for a single contact--but I want to do it for my notifications, not my contacts, and I want to do it for all of them, not just specific people.

    Second, I have some longer notification-tones (better meant for ringtones, I suppose), and I like to have them because they are longer and less-likely to be mistooken for some other beeping noise. But what I've found that annoys me is that when one of these notifications go off, even if i get it in the first 2 seconds (and it's 20 seconds long), it doesn't matter what I do--it plays the whole thing. I can't silence it, I can't quiet it up, I can't do anything except let it play while I'm responding to the message, or whatever. I've had times where i've opened my phone, answered a message, closed it, and tried a few things along the way, and it's STILL going, no matter what I do. Power button does nothing. Volume change doesn't stop it. Shaking the phone doesn't do anything. I have no idea. Anybody know what to do for this or know a way to fix it?

    Third, I am looking for a music player that will do more than the stock one. I like most of the features of the base, but I'd like a few more. One, I'd like it to be able to stream from a source of music when I choose (Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Play, or whatever else). Next, I like how the lock screen gets a screen for the music when there isn't a new notification, and would definitely like that to stay. The notification screen also has a spot where it shows the music playing and gives me the option to pause it, but it doesn't give me an option to skip, or repeat, or do anything else (such as what I could do on the lock screen). So potentially I have to either open the program and skip or replay, or I have to lock my screen to do it. The settings don't allow me to change these features.

    Fourth, if anyone has really good settings apps they would recommend, or anything they feel is either essential, or pretty much a "would not live without" app, I'd love to hear about it.

    Thanks in advance.
    12-27-2012 09:17 PM
  2. Jason Bagley's Avatar
    1. A good non-intrusive vibration program I have found is called MineMessageVibrator. It will repeatedly vibrate every X minutes until you turn on the screen. There are also a lot of extra features that could be great (but that I haven't found a use for--or even know what they mean). And best of all it is free.

    2. The solution to this problem is touching the notification bar. I don't know why the Android operating system wouldn't auto-silence a notification like it would for a phone call when you answer the phone, but that's the way it is. I suppose my real issue lies with the operating system.

    4. A good settings app that I've found is Extended Controls. You can put widgets on your screens to adjust features on your phone quickly. The widgets can hold more than two settings per spot. A similar application (one that I think is perhaps better, except that you need to purchase an extension that costs more than Extended Controls) is Settings Extended. It has many great features, especially the ability to control these features from the notification bar by putting a widget in the notification area. The first, Extended Controls, is a dollar app, and the second, Settings Extended, has an extension (in-app purchase) that is $1.50, but looks like it does amazing things. I am seriously considering purchasing the second, even though I've already purchased Extended Controls.

    Still, any more feedback would be great.
    12-29-2012 09:31 PM
  3. anon(894603)'s Avatar
    I don't find extended widgets necessary for this phone negate most of that is built in to the HTC sense

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    01-03-2013 10:44 PM

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