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    Has anyone else had problems with the evo design shutting off randomly? Its seems to be a battery problem but the battery reads 100% and without the charger shuts off. And just started shutting off with the charger on. Did a factory reset just to make sure it wasnt anything else same problem. If anyone has any ideas it'd help a lot thanks.

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    08-04-2013 07:19 AM
  2. Tommy Griffith's Avatar
    Hi I also have the evo design 4g mine is from boost mobile. and im having the same problem..except mines a little different. it will sometimes stay on after full charge but once I send or receive a text it shuts off. upon turning on it says battery is at a random low number like 7% takes forever to finally kill it and then it does this weird reboot cycle of turning off and on over and over. I really have no idea as I tried cleaning the contact points with alcohol and a q-tip..also put a business card piece to keep contact point touching..at this point I have also lost the ability to text with the built in keyboard and am now using swiftkey trial. Im extreamly frustrated as boost has no answer or resolution to this problem...so the question arises do we root and try that,do we buy another battery at 40 bucks for 25 year old tech., or do we never buy HTC again...my galaxy prevail never gave me issues...I think ill just upgrade to the s3 and be done with it..as for HTC they are like an overpriced 85 pinto....useless garbage!!
    02-20-2014 03:33 AM

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