1. qfnol31's Avatar
    I last charged my phone on Tuesday evening...It has been over four days and I am now at 31%. During that time my phone has been on for all but two hours that I was on a plane.

    Now to accomplish this I went to a foreign country (have only made a dozen or two phone calls and played with it off and on) and turned off mobile and auto-sync (and of course wifi, GPS, and WIMAX).

    However, I thought it was awesome that I got through over four entire days on my EVO Shift with only one charge and could easily get two more!
    07-10-2011 02:47 AM
  2. pelikan3's Avatar
    It's good to know how long you might go, by turning everything off.

    But, I don't understand why we aren't getting a lot better, with everything fired up.

    According to the review of the EVO Shift from CES, http://www.androidcentral.com/htc-evo-shift-4g-review, they got a full days use out of the phone, on a 1500 mAh battery, as they described, pounding it all day with texts, emails, calles etc. They said they had to charge it at night, which was "not what they are used to", and suggested better battery life with not so much pounding.

    I, however, can pound the device with far less, and kill the battery within a few hours. If I am configuring the phone, downloading apps, and mostly just moving apps around, I can kill half my battery in two hours. And, let me mention, that I am running Anker, 1900 mAh batteries for this. To go morning til night without charging, I would use two of the 1900mAh batteries. With a Hyperion 3500mAh battery, that almost doubles the thickness of my phone, I can get through a full day of modest use (heavier, with the occasional plug in). But, I will only have about 20-40% power by bedtime.

    Conversely, my nephew, who uses the Samsung Galaxy S, on T-Mobile, with a stock battery, plays 10 hours of Pandora a day, texts, calls, plays games, AND runs a really cool, active desktop, and gets 3 days out of a single charge . How can a phone be that well balanced? Why doesn't Sprint have one like that?

    It can't be the Shift's keyboard that's eating power. It doesn't have a Super Amoled screen or a 1 gHz processor, so that's not it.. But, if I turn on my live (animated) desktops, I have to keep it plugged in, or I will burn the battery out in about 2 hours. And, THAT is mostly in my pocket, with only occasional use.

    If I could make all the texts, calls, emails etc, that I want, from about 8am, to about 12am, I would be happy to put it on the charger before bed. As it stands, if I did everything I want to, I would easily burn through my two 1900mAh batteries, and possibly my 1500mAh, by bedtime.

    09-05-2011 09:24 AM