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    The send to voicemail option that's supposed to be listed for each contact is missing on my phone. I know it was there when I first got the phone a few months ago, but I recently formatted it and now it's gone missing. I thought it might have something to do with Google Voice so I downloaded that and restarted but it had no effect. Can anyone tell me how I can find this option again, or if there's an app that I can get it from (preferably free)?

    The PRL and everything is up to date.

    *UPDATE* In order to fix this update, you will likely have to go inside a Sprint store. I talked to a rep online via chat and as Sprint is consistent, they couldn't help me. I was told to go in-store. You'll probably get the same response over the phone but if you think it's worth your time you can try it.
    08-07-2011 11:37 AM