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    I'm too impatient not to have the default Mail app download the attachments when it retrieves mail. What I expected was that when messages expired out of Mail (after 2 weeks), the attachments would be removed, but clearly that is not happening. Today I noticed over 85MB of them in the download folder on the SD Card dating from 6/22/2011 (was there an update around then?). The problem is, some of these are sensitive files.

    Mail settings are pretty limited. In Mail > Settings > General Settings > Attachment cache, I set the cache to external storage. There's no choice of folder to be found; the app uses the download folder.

    When I open Home > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > All > Mail, it shows 0.0B in cache

    Under Home > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > On SD card, Mail isn't listed as using any space.

    It seems the Mail app is not designed to clean up after itself. Manual clean-up is a chore, particularly since other apps also use this folder.

    Any thoughts on addressing this?
    11-19-2011 12:29 PM