1. potter.mellark's Avatar
    I dont have any voicemails, I've gone through everything in my voicemail box (settings,greetings etc) and I've gone to my -setings -call , and I am unable to click 'clear voicemail icon' can someone PLEASE help me??
    06-16-2012 11:33 AM
  2. mattyb1085's Avatar
    I had this same problem happen to me twice, and the only way I could fix it was by calling my cell provider's customer service. Once I finally got through to a human, they had it fixed in seconds. It may be a pain but it will do the job.
    06-16-2012 12:20 PM
  3. Zandalin333's Avatar
    In your notifications bar what does it say next the the icon? This has happened before to me and I could fix if without going through the "helpline"

    Posted via Android Central App
    06-30-2014 07:37 AM