1. cooknn's Avatar
    I'm having some issues with the way HTC put the keyboard together on the EVO Shift. Not sure if it is the same with other HTC phones. I sort of hope so, because then there is a greater chance of a hack to fix this stupid stuff.

    Because they put .com as the FN of . there are inherent problems. Let's say you are on your banking website and you want to transfer funds between accounts. You press FN twice to lock into numbers then begin to enter your amount (here's what you will get if you want to transfer $145.32) 145.com32. Right. That's a problem.

    My other issue is with Symbols being the FN of Spacebar. I'm in Telenav a lot. When I am entering an address I press FN twice to enter the numeric part of my address then press Spacebar and get a freaking Symbol menu. Ugh.

    I've already submitted this to Sprint. I don't have confidence in HTC's support infrastructure based on past experience. Are there any hacks to fix this stuff? I can imagine that if you enter more than one number the . or the Spacebar should automatically un-FN. I know on my old Palm pre with webOS there were tons of keyboard hacks. Hoping to find something similar in the world of Android. Thanks in advance.
    02-25-2011 07:37 PM
  2. eclipxe's Avatar
    I just hold down FN as I enter numbers and then release it when I'm done with numbers
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    02-26-2011 02:26 AM
  3. cooknn's Avatar
    I just hold down FN as I enter numbers and then release it when I'm done with numbers
    Unfortunately, even releasing the FN button (after holding ) does not solve either problem I mentioned above.
    02-26-2011 05:08 AM
  4. haus's Avatar
    Yes, I do the .com thing by mistake all the time. Very annoying.
    02-26-2011 11:10 AM
  5. YoungCorruption's Avatar
    i don't think its really a issue, its more of something you have to get use to. i've never had that problem cause i barely use the numbers so i can't really comment much about it
    02-26-2011 05:47 PM
  6. h4ck0rk1d's Avatar
    U guys are lucky on my evo shift the keyboard sticks out and moves randomly also my "U" doesnt work all the time and im a big texter so i misspell things alot and it really annoying im probally gonna sent it in for a new one because i love this fone but im gonna wait intill it gets more scratches then sent it in
    02-27-2011 06:39 PM
  7. haus's Avatar
    I enter IP addresses a lot...so it's a PITA. Though I understand this is not the typical use...but still, you might think that someone entering numbers in general (like in a spreadsheet) would want a decimal point rather than a ".com".
    03-01-2011 10:00 AM